Daleks vs Cybermen?!?!?

Could it be true? Having been back in the country about 36 hours, I’ve only just got around to checking the vast swathes of Doctor Who news released in my absence, so apologies if there’s anything here that is old news – however the possibility of the Cybermen and the surely destroyed Daleks being in conflict in the next series of Doctor Who is far too drool-inducing to ignore! Reported in both The Sun and Manchester Online, the latter says (click and drag your mouse over the text to highlight…):

TWO of the Doctor’s oldest enemies will be pitched into battle against each other in the new series of Dr Who. The Cybermen are poised to return in a two-part story set on an alternative earth according to a report in The Sun.

The menacing monsters from Mondas are also set to appear in the final two episodes of the series when they will face off against the Daleks

An insider told the newspaper: “It’s going to be an explosive end to the series and the fans will love it. It’s war.”

Of course, as well as being a massive spoiler if true, it contradicts RTD’s statement about the Daleks not being in Series 2. And would the Estate of Terry Nation be happy with putting the Daleks head to head with probablythe only Doctor Who aliens we’ve seen so far who might have a chance of whooping their asses?

Meanwhile, the Doctor Who Appreciation Society has changed it’s URL. Previously at dwas.drwho.org, the new look site DWASonline.co.uk features archive interviews from 29 years of DWAS, although the news content has been stripped down and replaced by the BBC Official site news items….

…Which neatly brings us around to mobile news, as reported by the Official Site. Firstly, some of the site’s content (sounds & pictures) can be downloaded by following the instructions in the link above. More exciting, however, is the confirmation that 2 Entertain are releasing Doctor Who Series 1 for the Sony PSP, as reported on Kasterborous last month. You can read more here – before you frantically start searching for the UMD format disks!

Finally for this item, Seventh Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy spoke about his time on the show at Sunday’s Great Yarmouth Film Festival. He seems to have been his usual madcap self, and had this to say about Series 1.

“It’s terrific. I enjoyed it immensely and was also full of envy… They had just such good sets, the amount of money that was spent on it – ours were just flung together really on a very low budget.

“The magic of Doctor Who is in the writing. It’s not necessarily the Doctors, the Daleks, but it’s in the writing,” he added.

Which of course is totally spot on – and the event itself seems to have been at least as big a success as last year! You can listen to Sylvester at the BBC’s Official Site.


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