Queen Valentine!

Doctor Who Magazine has officially announced that Actress Pauline Collins, who appeared in the Patrick Troughton serial The Faceless Ones as Samantha Briggs, is to return to the show for Series 2. Although reported earlier in the month in The Sunday Mirror, more detail is given in DWM – she will appear as Queen Victoria in the story Tooth and Claw. This is of course significant as she is the first actor to guest in both runs of Doctor Who (as opposed to Lis Sladen who is reprising her role!)

Meanwhile, the lovely Sophia Miles, best known as Lady Penelope in the big screen adaptation of Thunderbirds, is to appear in the Steven Moffat-scripted Episode 4, The Girl In The Fireplace as Madame de Pompadour. We suspect this story is set in pre-revolutionary France…

Andy Shaw, an everyday man from Lydiate, has found his home invaded by Daleks! Luckily though, they were built by the man himself, reports icseftonandwestlancs.co.uk. Andy also has replicas of other famous robots from the movies and television, and says:

“I’ve been interested in robots since the age of four. I built my first one when I was 11.

“There are thousands of hours put into building each one. A lot of the materials are brought in, while other parts are fibre glass.

“My wife doesn’t mind too much, as we take them up and down the country for charity shows and conventions and we get to stay in nice hotels. Will is only two. He doesn’t really know what these robots are yet, but he loves them.

“I like the design of the Daleks – a classic piece of Sixties chic – more-so than Doctor Who itself.

“I go to the Liverpool Doctor Who fan club meeting. It’s called Indelible and they meet in the Jacaranda every month. Nobody takes it too seriously, it’s a good laugh. One day, I’d love to be able to set up a business where I build robots. I know what my next project will be, a robot waiter. It’s going to be equipped with a tray and hand out drinks to guests.”

Andy’s site is www.shawcraft.co.uk

Actor Roger Brierley, who appeared in The Daleks’ Masterplan as Trevor and as the guardian robot Drathro in The Mysterious Planet (1986) dies on September 23rd. A popular character actor, Brierley had a stature and poise that made him a perfect choice for playing authority figures.

A full obituary was published in the Daily Telegraph


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