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We’ve had some excellent news thanks to our friends at Eye of Horus regarding the future of the Character Options toy range!

This week, Character Options have announced a series of toys and action figures to tie-in with the upcoming Series 2:

New five-inch action figures – in line with the currently released Dalek.

Pack 1 – The Tenth Doctor (in his ‘signature’ outfit with long overcoat and Sonic Screwdriver accessory.

Pack 2 – Rose Tyler and K-9

Pack 3- Intergalactic Warlord, the Sycorax Warrior complete with two weapons.

Pack 4 – A double pack of Lady Cassandra and Moxx of Balhoon

Pack 5 – A Slitheen action figure – with extendable claws that can be slid out from its finger ends.

Pack 6 – Radio controlled K-9 and Tenth Doctor double pack.

Pack 7 – TARDIS console room playset. Six buttons control around ten sound effects plus chair, hat stand and lift-out access panels in the floor to reveal the TARDIS mechanisms and circuitry.

This range is due for release in 2006 – and how good does it look?! Just imagine a playset of the new TARDIS interior with a RC K9 wandering around as the Doctor effects repairs under the TARDIS console…

Meanwhile, Eye of Horus have been at it again, this time with important news regarding the Brighton Pier Doctor Who Exhibition…

Although the exhibition is set to close on 6 November, BBC WORLDWIDE is planning a special exhibition to coincide with David Tennant’s first episode, THE CHRISTMAS INVASION. The location of this exhibition is as yet unknown, although London seems a likely choice for any long-term home for new series exhibits.

unitnews on the other hand has alerted us to the broadcast of the second trailer for the Christmas Invasion – the first being shown a few days after Parting of the Ways, of course.

The first broadcast of this trailer took place on Wednesday evening, and takes the form of a compilation of clips from series one closing with the legend “The Countdown to the Christmas Invasion starts now”.

The claw-wielding 3am Girls attempted to shed light on Christopher Eccleston’s absence from Tuesday NTA 2005 ceremony by speaking to Billie Piper – but she was unable to help:

Dr Who exterminated the competition, winning Most Popular Drama. Billie Piper scooped Most Popular Actress. And outgoing Timelord Christopher Eccleston was named Most Popular Actor.

Billie was thrilled saying: “Soap stars win everything – I didn’t think I had a sniff.” Of her missing co-star Chris she added, “I’ve no idea where he is.” You should have checked the Tardis, love!

Oh, no, stop, no more! Those 3am Girls are soooo funny.

MediaGuardian’s Monkey column meanwhile picks up on’s reluctance to mention the BBC prize winners:

…it seems a tad churlish for’s report on the bash today not even to mention the BBC winners. Instead, leads on ‘X Factor cleans up at TV Awards’ – although to be fair, the talent did win two gongs – and goes on to list all the other ITV winners. – first with the news. As long as it’s about ITV.

Other coverage of the event can be found on virtually any website on the WWW, although you might want to try the Independent or The Sun.


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