A Doctor Who Christmas!

Why not make it one!? Don’t forget, not only have we got a brand new episode on BBC1, following The Christmas Invasion on Christmas Day there is the “red button” adventure, Attack of the Graske; so why not complete your Doctor Who weekend – inbetween Series 1 DVD viewing sessions – with a visit to Area51 Radio?

On Boxing Day, they will be rerunning their Doctor Who Special – or in their own words:

Between 10.00 and midday, we’ll repeat the interviews with Bruce and Amber in case you had a hang over on Christmas Day!

Midday till 13.00, Stuart Claw talks to a mystery guest from Star Trek Enterprise. This chat will also be in two parts.

We’ve had so many requests to repeat our Doctor Who Special, so between 13.00 and 14.00, we rewind our Doctor Who special in association with the one web site that covers all things Doctor Who – that’s www.kasterborous.com.

There’s a chance to hear Tom Baker talking about his time as the world’s most famous Time Lord, plus a rare recording of Jon Pertwee singing to the Doctor Who theme !!!

Then from 14.00 till 17.00, the Boxing Day afternoon party with all your favourite Area 51 Radio Station presenters.

If you haven’t tuned in to Area51 yet I recommend you give them a go. They are the only sci-fi radio station on the planet and successfully mix good music with some interesting items. You can listen to the webcasts via RealPlayer, WinAmp or Windows Media Player, so why not tune in?

Elsewhere – and it has been a busy few days in the Doctor Who related Press item world – most of the focus of course being the star of the show, David Tennant. Not content with appearing on BBC Breakfast News and “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross”, Tennant hsa been the subject of countless articles both online and in print (we’ll be taking a look at the new Doctor ourselves in the New Year…).

If you haven’t read anything online yet…(!), you can have a wander over to icliverpool.co.uk where the obligatory “Presbyterian minister’s son from Paisley” fact is wheeled out along with some oft-repeated quotes; or you could visit The Scotsman, which rather intelligently measures the classic series Christmas episode The Feast of Steven with this years The Christmas Invasion. And throws in some oft-repeated facts. And this little gem related to the new Doctor’s accent:

Sadly, the reason for the dropped aitches may now be lost in the web of time. The series’ lead writer and executive producer Russell T Davies admitted there was originally a line in the script where Mickey (played by Noel Clarke) commented that the new Doctor had somehow taken on the accent of his companion Rose (Billie Piper). But alas it was cut.

The news continues…


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