Christmas Invasion Press Launch

News just keeps on coming, this time of course with major press coverage of the Doctor’s next adventure following the press launch of The Christmas Invasion yesterday. Beware, we’re revealing only information available in the newspapers, but some things will hidden from view…

Nicola Methven of The Mirror heads the list of people we’re quoting from, as she describes the moment the Doctor challenges the Syocrax leader to a duel (spoiler time – right click and drag!):

“Ello big fella,” he tells the lead alien before challenging him to a duel. He wins with the help of a satsuma. “Not bad for a bloke in jim-jams,” he quips. Tennant’s delivery of the witty script was flawless and he shows genuine comic timing.

The Mirror also claims that Don Warrington’s casting in the new series is as “president of a parallel Earth”.

The Independent naturally has a more in-depth look at the episode, and discusses Russell T. Davies’ anti-war message, as he has said:

“…the hour-long show – the first to star David Tennant as the new Doctor – “absolutely” included an anti-war message “because that’s what I think”. “It’s Christmas Day. Have you read the Bible? It’s a day of peace,”

Allusions are made throughout the article to new Prime Minister Harriet Jones’ situation and those of conflict-ridden real life PM’s Thatcher and Blair, as well as a reference to (spoiler time again – right click and drag!) a plot line involving a new secret missile defence system called Torchwood.

RTD also has this to say on the appeal of Doctor Who:

“Doctor Who has rediscovered something we had lost on BBC1 which is family viewing. When Doctor Who started suddenly it was there again,” he said.

“I would compare Doctor Who with films like Toy Story or Shrek which have enormous appeal to children but manage to look at adults eye to eye.” caught Russell T. Davies and David Tennant on Radio 1 yesterday discussing the upcoming Christmas treat, as well as:

During the item Russell discussed the possibility of making a Doctor Who movie saying “it would be brilliant” to expand on the production team’s current work to create a “British blockbuster”.


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