Cyber Jordan?

Pneumatic-breasted Katie Price, better known as “glamour” model Jordan, has declared her desire to appear in Doctor Who!

In a casting move which would have no benefits to the acting world but huge benefits in terms of ratings, the comely model declared to The Sun:

“Dr Who would be an ideal starting ground for me, acting-wise. I could be a baddie who doesn’t speak but kills with my ample charms.”

She is hoping that she could play a killer model who kills people with her tits…she must have suffocated a few people in the past with those puppies.

Meanwhile in less salacious but nevertheless interesting news, Doctor Who has been voted a top TV Moment of 2005. According to The Mirror:

VIEWERS voted a scary scene from Doctor Who their top TV moment of 2005.

The winning clip features a ghostly boy who haunts London in the Blitz – and scares the daylights out of the Doc (Christopher Ecclestone) and his sidekick Rose (Billie Piper).

The frightening scene tops a BBC website poll for a New Year’s Eve special which splits 2005 into two-month slots with Dr Who winning May/June.

The Daily Record, Scotland’s own tabloid, has managed to cobble together a space filler based on the trailer for Series 2 shown at the end of The Christmas Invasion. I’m only mentioningthis as the title of the article is “EXFURMINATE”!

The BBC News website’s Wales pages has an article by Arts and Media Correspondent Jon Gower, which looks back at 2005 and includes mention of Doctor Who.

And finally – don’t ask how we missed it but we did. The BBC Press Office last week released details of the two new soundtrack adventures from BBC Audiobooks starring William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton.

The Invasion is narrated by Jamie McCrimmon actor Fraser Hines, while The Tenth Planet is narrated by Polly actress Anneke Wills. Both companions are also interviewed on the CDs.

Also in February, The Reign of Terror is released as the final lost soundtrack Audiobook.


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