Doctor Who in BBC News

The BBC News pages are bigging up the new Doctor Who series with news items surrounding the new Doctor and his debut story.

The highest profile of these is Doctor Who takes anti-war stance, which looks at the anti-war stance of The Christmas Invasion and RTD’s opinion of such action.

We’ve already touched upon most of what is revealed here on Kasterborous, however what we have skated around is the revelation of a kiss between the Doctor and Rose – possibly the first of many?

The new series will feature a brief kiss between the Doctor and Rose. “There is a lot more of that to come but we don’t like to give anything away,” said Mr Davies.

And the subject of the Cybermen receiving a Dalek-like bout of viewer sympathy is also raised:

“There is a moment with them – it is a very ‘feely’ show,” Mr Davies said. “We want to treat them as real, to discover why they are the way they are.”

Long-term Doctor Who fan Tennant added: “Cybermen are part human, in a way. We want to look into that.”

BBC News also reports from Wales, where for shoppers in Cardiff July was a month of snow, Christmas trees and killer santas.

They speak to Doctor Who Producer Phil Collinson, who discusses the factors involved in shooting a British Christmas in Summer:

“The main problem was trying to find places that did not have leaves on the trees. We tried to be quite careful about that. We filmed on The Hayes, which wasn’t so bad because it wasn’t the greenest part of Cardiff. The people in the streets are so proud that this show is made here. It does make it easier for us.

“We have closed the main street for a whole evening. In any other place they would be shaking their fists as us, but in Cardiff, its ‘okay, go ahead’.”

And the article concludes by revealing that a new Doctor Who exhibition will be launched on December 22 in Cardiff Bay. It will be part of celebrations of Cardiff;s golden jubilee as capital of Wales.

Finally, the winner of Newsround’s recent Press Packer draw to visit the premier of The Christmas Invasion has reported on his findings! Young Calum got to meet the main cast members and tells us that he spoke to the new Doctor:

I asked David loads of questions, like which monsters in Doctor Who he thinks are the scariest and what point in time he would go to in his Tardis, which stumped him a bit!

Meeting the new Doctor was the best bit as he was really nice to talk to.

I’m telling you, Mr. Tennant has the Tom Baker touch…


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