Doctor Who Toys Bestsellers!

According to The Independent, anyway… their business supplement describes the Daleks among a list of best-selling gifts, which also includes Suduko and the iPod… the Dalek is of course the only toy in the list! Further perusal of the article would indictae that all is not well with the High Street however, with more and more people opting to buy online… incidentally, anyone ordering before 12 noon on Wednesday 21st December from the BBCShop should receive their order in time for Christmas.

Doctor Who Executive Producer Russell T Davies has been named in a list of the country’s most influential gays and lesbians. According to The Observer article “Gays who shape our new Britain“:

Russell T Davies Age: 42 Scriptwriter

Head writer of the BBC’s recently revived Doctor Who. Also responsible for other audience-pullers such as Casanova, Linda Green and Bob & Rose. Came to prominence in 1999 when Channel 4 showed his controversial drama series Queer as Folk, an explicit tableau of love, lust, clubbing and gay life in Manchester. Currently working on the Doctor Who spin-off series, Torchwood, about a team who investigate alien goings-on in Britain, due to be aired on BBC3 in 2006 – ‘X Files meets This Life,’ says Davies. Has been with his partner, Andrew Smith, a Customs officer, since 1999. Born in Swansea.

‘An absolute genius’ – Stuart Murphy, former Controller of BBC3.

Now this is all very well, but gay people in positions of influence isn’t new is it? Am I missing something?

Carrying on… Aiden Smith’s pithy end-of-year review in The Scotsman dwells on Doctor Who for a few moments, as well in taking in the failings of the soon to be ex-Mr Piper’s Sunday evening show:

Extras was much-hyped, in the current style. So was Desperate Housewives (C4), which left me cold, and Doctor Who (BBC1), which was great fun. No programme faced a bigger challenge in 2005 than how to “do” the Daleks; Russell T Davies chose opera. With a whoosh of Wagner, the eggbox psychopaths took to the air, finally ridding themselves of all comparisons to Mariah “I don’t do stairs” Carey, and there was a strange serenity about them as they croaked their last. Until next time, that is.

Post-golden age, Chris Evans understood the concept of Saturday night family viewing as well as anyone. With Doctor Who, his ex, Billie Piper, nicked his clothes, and while Evans won the How The Mighty Have Fallen Award for OFI Sunday (ITV1), Piper’s acting was the year’s most pleasant surprise. Now I want to see Cheryl from Girls Aloud play Hedda Gabler for the mall-rat masses.

More Doctor Who news to come…


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