Final Christmas News Update!

Yet more Doctor Who news! The Doctor Who Annual 2005, a must for all Doctor Who fans, is rated 7th in the years Top 10 Christmas annuals.

According to The Guardian, what is the best Doctor Who Annual ever falls in behind – of all things – “The Broons and Oor Wullie”, a couple of strips from The Sunday Post. I dare say Mr Tennant has a copy…

1 Beano, 2 Bratz, 3 Star Wars, 4 Match, 5 Dandy, 6 The Broons, 7 Doctor Who, 8 Disney’s Princess, 9 The Broons and Oor Wullie, 10 People’s Friend.

Elsewhere, The Times article “What the Doctor did next” looks at “extraordinary cyberworld of fanfic”. Doctor Who obviously features prominently in the article, and there is also a link to the smashing Anyone interested in original, free Doctor Who fiction should take a look – and look out for our own short story section going live in the New Year!

And I’m going to finish off with a couple of articles from The Guardian, who over the last 12 months have filled more column inches with covergae of the new Doctor Who than any other publication other than DWM. Their coverage this week ranges from:

Aliens, an out-of-control Tardis and an actual message … David Tennant plays the regeneration game with Billie Piper in a festive special that actually promises to be special.

…to the frank, honest appraisal of the next episode of Doctor Who which neatly summarises in a few words what other publications have been enthusing about in whole articles:

…the moment David Tennant finally springs into action, he immediately and effortlessly makes the character of the Doctor his own. If anything, he’s even better than Eccleston was – which ought to be impossible.

So there. That’s it. No more Christmas news. I can’t encourage you anymore can I? So off you go, enjoy Christmas or whatever festival you choose and enjoy it as much as you can. Enjoy The Christmas Invasion, and give thanks that not only did we get our show back, it’s going to be the best thing on television on Christmas Day 2005.

Oh and Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!


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