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The BBC’s Official site has recently reported on two Cardiff-related Who items. Firstly, the TARDIS is standing proud atop Broadcasting House in Llandaff! It’s accompanied by a video screen displaying footage from The Christmas Invasion, and looks stunning – click the link above for more.

Meanwhile, the Official site reports that the Doctor Who Exhibition goes on the road:

Doctor Who Up Close will open at the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff Bay on Thursday, December 22 to help celebrate Cardiff’s golden jubilee as the capital of Wales and launch the city into 2006.

As well as the usual array of costumes, monsters and props from the series, the visitors will get an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Christmas special after it has been aired.

Roger Lloyd-Pack, cast as John Lumic in the next series of Doctor Who, has experienced a fall which has resulted in his part being adapted… According to The Sun, Lloyd-Pack has broken his leg, which results in his character becoming wheelchair-bound:

“They were massively keen for Roger to stay in the show, so they were happy to accommodate him.

“His character is a real baddie and the wheelchair is a great prop, which adds a bit of mystery and intrigue to the part. So it has worked out very well.”

Roger will play the Doctor’s enemy John Lumic in the new series in January.

We suspect that the January quote is misinformation on the Sun’s part, just as Ms Anne Robinson last night declared live on BBC1 that Billie Piper is leaving Doctor Who. Unless Billie has a new agent in Miss Robinson anyway…

Fellow red-top and former employer of Ms Robinson The Mirror, meanwhile, printed a lovely picture of the Sycorax leader, accompanied by these words:

LOOK away, kids! This evil alien’s going to have you diving behind the sofa on Christmas Day. He’s the leader of the Sycorax species and, frankly, he could do with a little attention from a dentist, in our opinion.

What any self-respecting adult is doing letting their kids read The Mirror is on the other hand nobody’s business…

Doctor Who # 9, Christopher Eccleston, has been raising the profile of several charitable causes since his departure from the role. He’s recently returned from Banda Aceh, a location severely damaged in last Boxing Day’s asian tsumani, reports

“I’m now realising how long and complex a recovery operation like this is,” Chris said. “Twelve months is no time at all. It’s impossible for me to understand what’s happened to these people, all I can tell you is what I’ve seen – bravery, courage and defiance – which has been very humbling.”

And on one more serious note, it seems that Killer Santa’s are not restricted to Christmas Day television… thanks to Steve Preston of Black Scrolls for this one – “Drunken Santas run amok in NZ”, reports Yahoo News. Has The Christmas Invasion already begun?

Forty drunken Santas rampaged through central Auckland, stealing from stores and assaulting security guards, the New Zealand Herald reported on Sunday, in a protest against the commercialisation of Christmas

This protest is apparently known as… Santarchy.

I kid ye not.


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