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Doctor Who’s upcoming Christmas episode is attracting coverage from across the Internet, across the globe.

Yet again, there is a developing focus on the Doctor and Rose’s growing relationship… one suspects that we’re going to get a lot more of this over the next few months, and who better to underline the return of romance to Doctor Who than purveyors of salacious gossip Sky News? Apparently David Tennant has been quizzed on the Doctor-Rose relationship and the kissing…:

David has hinted that it may not be a conventional display of love.

“We do kiss in the opening episode but you’re going to have to wait and see what happens afterwards,” he told the Daily Star.

Other highlights of the Crimble spesh include some ginger jokes as the new Doctor asks if he’s been recreated with red hair after morphing into his new form.

Writer Russell T Davies has promised the lines are not meant to be a jibe at Billie’s ex Chris Evans.

Damn. That would have been funnier than OFI Sunday…

The fantastically named reports on the Christmas Doctor Who with a good deal of information acquired from the BBC News pages. However it’s notable because it features a stunning picture of Billie Piper. Phwoar!

Apparently, due to all this kissing, “Doctor Who bags Billie”, reports

The UK premiere of the Christmas episode of Doctor Who brought up a few surprises, including a tender kiss between the Timelord and his sidekick, Rose.

It is the first time the Doctor has kissed his brazen companion, who is played by Billie Piper in Russell T Davies’s adaptation of the classic sci-fi show.

I could have sworn the Doctor kissed his “brazen companion” when he saved her life in Pating of the Ways; I must be mistaken…

Finally and feature Christmas Who build-up; the link features a nicely cropped version of the Sycorax leader photo – nice and scary!


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