Weekend Press Clips!

The tabloids are filling out their pages with Doctor Who news in anticipation of the upcoming Christmas special!

Both The Sun and The Mirror have covered the events of The Christmas Invasion – thankfully there isn’t anything massively spoiler, but there is a first proper look at evil aliens the Sycorax!

The following transcriptions accompany the features in the two tabloids from Saturday 3rd of December – you can view the originals and their accompanying images at www.david-tennant.com.

The Sun:


He’s behind you! it may be the panto season, but the new Dr Who still fails to spot a monster ant-like enemy.

The Doctor, played by David Tennant, is pitched against the deadly Sycorax in a Christmas special. The evil race try to ruin the festive season by dressing as deadly Santas.

Dr Who is in no fit state to to anything as he is still recovering from his regeneration. So it is left to his sidekick Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), along with her mum Jackie (Camille Coduri) and boyfriend Mickey (Noel Clarke) to save the world.

The special will be screened on Christmas Day. Who’d miss it!

The Mirror:


IT clearly takes a while to get the hang of piloting the Tardis. But a regenerated Dr Who still looks a bit embarrassed in the flying police box after his crash-bang-wallop landing on Earth.

David Tennant makes his Time Lord debut in the Christmas Day special of BBC1’s sci-fi series. It could have gone smoother though – because after his out-of-control spiral near the estate home of sidekick Rose (Billie Piper) the dippy Doc collapses muttering: “Oh, I know! Merry Christmas!”

And when he doesn’t wake for days, Rose has to go solo to save the world from some sinister Santas.

Oh and Doctor Who is mentioned in Anthony Lilley’s article “The new TV time lords” in today’s Guardian. The article deals with the future of television, the status of on-demand television and the actual programmes place in that.


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