Doctor Who Live Announcement

It is with an air of disappointment that we report that the “Doctor Who Live” events aren’t proving as successful as hoped.

The first event was reported on Kasterborous back in November and featured 1980s companion Nicola Bryant playing the piano in Whipsnade back in December; next up is Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy on 26th February.

These events are quite different to the convention events; whereas at a convention you might pay £15-20 for a half our chat during coffee with a star or £50 for an evening meal after which the celebrities rotate through all of the guests, at the Doctor Who Live events…:

At our events, you get an intimate few HOURS with the guests. You get their autographs, have your photo taken with them and you get to chat to them as friends. One of our guests even gave his email address out to everyone! They may bring free gifsts for everyone! There is NOTHING LIKE OUR EVENTS for fun and intimacy. You will not be sharing the guest with hundreds of other people. If you are in any doubt, visit our website and read the reviews. All for just £20 – the cost of 5 minutes with someone at Memorabilia. (And…..when have you ever seen Nicola Bryant play the piano before? She has NEVER done that for Doctor Who fans – except at our event!).

While the upcoming Sylvester McCoy and Sarah Sutton (companion Nyssa, 1981-1984) events are not under threat, any subsequent dates will be doubtful, so if you’re interested and can make either date, why not go along? Planned future dates include A Doctor Who Pub Quiz with Nick Courtney, and An Evening with Terrance Dicks – unique events that you wouldn’t want to miss!

(Thanks to Steve Preston of Black Scrolls)

And finally, it is with regret that we report the passing of Gary Downie. Downie, who died recently from cancer, was the partner of 1980s series producer John Nathan-Turner, as well as Production Manager on various stories throughout the 1980s. The role of Production Manager was one that involved a deal of influence over the serial being recorded in terms of actual man management, and Downie known in the industry as a particularly no-nonsense character. Downie appeared in interview in Doctor Who Magazine back in 2002, and is prominent in the “Making of Doctor Who” program that is included in the Silver Nemesis Special Edition VHS video. (Thanks to for the heads-up on that one)


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