Picard vs Who?!

Lots of bits and bobs to get through, so let’s get cracking!

The Sun has leaped on the story of Patrick Stewart’s appearance in a rival show on ITV:

TV are launching a sci-fi war 0 with Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart taking on Doctor Who.

Bosses hope to exterminate the Timelord with Eleventh Hour, a new drama starring Stewart as a trouble-shooting prof defending the country.

They also continue the conspiracy by mentioning TORCHWOOD…

Meanwhile, there is considerable press attention (such as The Mirror) surrounding Christopher Eccleston’s appearance as Christopher Marlowe in The School of Night at the Comedy Theatre, London, next month. The Independent claims that:

…theatreland pundits are waiting with bated breath to see if the occasionally prickly Eccleston will be granting them interviews.

“In most West End plays, the leading man will do the rounds,” reports one. “But Eccleston can be tricky, and hated the media circus that came with being a Doctor Who star. So we aren’t exactly counting chickens.”

Methinks Mr Eccleston may have to get used to the circus, or certainly at least to being mentioned in the same breath as Doctor Who…

Elsewhere, The Register celebrated the Doctor winning “Top TV Moment” of 2005 in last week’s Jonathan Ross-hosted extravaganza (BBC self-promotion-fest), while DWAS have announced a “one-off” performance by K-9 voice artist John Leeson at the Epsom Playhouse on March 25th at 7.45. “A Dog’s Life” is:

…Effectively ‘an evening with…..’ John Leeson, talking about his varied and often amusing career as an actor and, of course, his days behind the scenes on DR WHO as the voice of K9. More details on the Epsom Playhouse website www.epsomplayhouse.co.uk

(NB: Other performances in other venues may follow, but this is the first ‘live’ booking.)

Finally, browse to Page 4 of Abigail Wild’s summary of Christmas 2005’s television highs and lows in The Herald. She’s quick to pick up on what the fans noticed about The Christmas Invasion – pretty good, but a bit OTT in the silliness stakes…

Herein lies the strangeness of the all-new Doctor Who. One second it’s a super-smart, dazzlingly written, perfectly plotted wonder, the next it’s a piece of ironic sci-fi silliness, perilously close to undoing its good work by over-doing the in-jokes, and working harder by the episode to strike the balance.

Abigail is pretty close to the mark there it would seem.


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