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There’s lots of news in the latest Doctor Who Magazine, most notable are the announcements of the casting of a couple of well known names.

Actress Maureen Lipman, known for many roles including appearances in “Coronation Street” and as the overbearing Beatie in the British Telecom/BT advertising campaigns throughout the late 1980s and early 90s will be appearing in the Mark Gatiss-penned Episode 7 The Idiot’s Lantern.

Meanwhile, veteran actress Edna Dore – best known to television viewers as Mo Butcher in “EastEnders” – will also be appearing in the new series, as well as Nina Sosanya who appeared alongside David Tennant in “Casanova” and Billie Piper in “Much Ado About Nothing”.

Doctor Who Magazine also includes confirmation of Derek Acorah’s cameo in the next series of Doctor Who, as reported on Kasterborous on January 8th. Oh and my fellow Torchwood conspiracy theorists – who seem to be dwindling in number recently – will be interested and intrigued to know that DWM reports that the show is officially entering the pre-production period shortly. But as Mr Barrowman has been ice skating for the last month, we kind of thought he wasn’t investigating bizarre phenomena in Cardiff just yet…

And staying with the BT theme of the last couple of days, more on Tom Baker’s turn as the Voice of Text. The Independent features The Great Man as the subject of their “5-minute Interview“, and it reads like typical Tom, and features such classics as:

I wish people would take more notice of …

Where their dogs shit. Where I live in Toulouse it’s as if they all play hopscotch. I love dogs but I hate some of the people who have them.


In a nutshell, my philosophy is …

The living are just the dead on holiday.

And if you’re still in for laugh, there’s a nice little article at The Register, which we feature from time to time on K purely due to it’s irreverence. They tell the story of Tom’s involvement with BT, and have an interesting couple of words with which to end the item:

According to BT, Baker spent 11 days recording the 11,593 phrases the system cuts up and reassembles to (re)generate the text messages. The technology can cope with txt abbreviations and shorthand.

Apparently, the system is even able to cope with rude words, like ‘Kasterborus’ and ‘Billie Piper’

We’re still undecided as to whether they mean us or not…


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