David Tennant Interviewed

The link you should all have in your bookmarks if you haven’t already is www.david-tennant.com. Despite the fact that the guy is obviously the Doctor, it’s also a very good fansite, and certainly doesn’t carry the slightly stalky undercurrent that befalls many celebrity fansites. So much so in fact that other than loads of pics and snippets of what Tennant does when he isn’t runing in and out of the TARDIS, there’s an EXCLUSIVE interview with the man himself!

Without giving anything away – as it’s definitely worth you all clicking the above link now and reading it – you might be interested reading here and now about David’s first public performance:

At school the music teacher wrote a play called Gypsum’s Journey. It was about a Goblin who went into the mortal world on his holidays! I played the goblin, Gypsum! It wasn’t really the lead role, that was a part called Soft Sam, but I did get to wear a fetching pair of green tights and a pointy green hat that they had to wrestle off me.

As you can see from the pic above, the BBC Official Doctor Who site has revealed the cover art for the upcoming DVD release of The Christmas Invasion, which also includes the first episode of the 2006 series, New Earth. Release is pencilled for May 1st.

I’ll be honest now. The fear is setting in as I wade through the dross to give you the key facts in the press coverage of Doctor Who… but hey! I get help from my work colleagues now!

So a big thank you to closet Doctor Who fan and IT Engineer Craig Hudson who, with his copy of the BBC Focus Magazine, gave me something to enjoy with my 8.30am cuppa, teacake and daily Dilbert. “Why?”, I hear you ask! Well, issue 162 features a nice 5 page feature which looks at the “Science of Doctor Who”. A thoroughly informative item, it’s based on the upcoming book of the same title and if it’s anything like the article runs on a much more user friendly basis than Michael White’s “A Teaspoon and an Open Mind”.

Finally: Renee Zellweger has a Doctor Who connection! Several sources have reported that the Bridget Jones babe is meeting up with Christopher Eccleston while in the UK filming a Beatrix Potter biopic, as the pair are old friends! Apparently:

“She watched all his shows – ‘Our Friends In The North’, ‘Cracker’ and ‘The Second Coming’ – and she got quite nerdy about ‘Doctor Who’

You can read more at Female First; Hemel Hempstead is just one of the locations being touted as a possible home for one of the original six Daleks from the first series of Doctor Who, reports Hemel Today; and unitnews.co.uk‘s forum has grabbed the attention of Spiked Online’s Niall Crowley, who talks about the recent ITV show “Dancing on Ice” which featured John Barrowman and the forum-run campaign on unitnews.co.uk to keep the star in the show.


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