Doctor Who is Coming!

Lots of coverage to catch up on, but first of all you might be interested to know that Amazon are offering the April 10th DVD release of Genesis of the Daleks for £14.99 – a 25% discount. That is an absolute bargain for this most iconic of Doctor Who stories!

The Village Voice previews the 2005 series of Doctor Who which of course premieres in the USA on Friday night. However it appears that the reviewer, Joy Press, has only watched the early episodes:

The real disappointment of the new Who isn’t its use of (slightly) slick special effects, though. It’s a structural problem: Instead of stretching a storyline across a whole season, each adventure is resolved within a single episode, making this closer to your average detective series. The thrill-filled cliffhangers of yore are gone, taking with them with the child’s urge to watch TV from behind the sofa, breath bated.

I’m sure she’ll change her mind later in the series…

Eclipse Magazine meanwhile has much more positive words on the Time Lord’s comeback (other than a small error), and I like this paragraph in particular:

The New “Who” is every bit as intelligent, witty, charming and scary as the best of the series’ earlier years. Davies has revamped old foes like the Daleks and the Autons – as well as creating some devilishly cool new foes. The series is darker than the “Stargate” shows [with whom it shares the distinction of being one of the only two truly open-ended premises in SFTV] but not nearly so dark as “Battlestar Galactica.”

Which I feel sums up the production wonderfully.

AZCentral, meanwhile, has a lot to say on the Doctor’s imminent arrival as well. They big it up with:

Look out, America: The Doctor is ready to make house calls again.

No, this isn’t some new wrinkle in your HMO coverage. This is THE Doctor, legendary Time Lord hero of the British science-fiction television series “Doctor Who.”

as well as:

For good old-fashioned escapism – something that makes you laugh, cry and think – “Doctor Who” is the trip of a lifetime. Here’s hoping audiences on this side of the Atlantic will think so, too.

Which is good to see, even at this late stage, that press coverage of the new show is encouraging. Of course how this pans out across the next 12 weeks is another matter…

The writer behind the Oscar-winning Wallace & Gromit films – former Doctor Who writer and K9 creator Bob Baker – has been “revealed” by The Sun as a man who writes in his garden shed.

Bob says:

“Some writers might need glamorous locations, but all I need is my trusty shed and my old laptop computer. It might not be particularly grand, but it does the job very well and I feel very comfortable writing there. It gives me solitude I need away from the house.”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is what counts for news…

Finally, the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site has a frank review of the Big Finish audio drama Night Thoughts, which stars Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor, Sopie Aldred as Ace and Phillip Olivier as Hex…


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