John Barrowman Interview

Eclipse Magazine interviews Captain Jack actor John Barrowman, courtesy of Carole Gordon, who certainly makes a good read out of it!

Here’s some of the highlights to whet your appetite – Barrowman is as ever engaging so I recommend strongly that you read the original. On the matter of whether the show’s humour wil translate to an American audience, John is confident:

“I absolutely think they will get them because shows like ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ and ‘The Office’ have been great successes in America. So they do understand British humour, and that’s why Americans love the Brits so much – it’s something quirky and different from what they are used to.”

We also learn a few snippets of information about Torchwood – such as the fact that from:

‘The Parting of the Ways’ in ‘Doctor Who’, to the first episode of ‘Torchwood’ [the spin-off show that Barrowman will star in later this year], you find out things that have happened to Jack that kind of put him on a new plane.”

So evidently Jack is a different man to some extent in Torchwood… There’s plenty to read in the interview which covers John’s musical career, his early years and his “Dancing on Ice”, as well as his collection habits…

Speaking of collections, girls are getting in on the Dalek toys! The Shiny Shiny website features a post form a lady who reckons the sampled voice of the RC Dalek

will be more intimidating than when you push an old glass salt-shaker around making the “exterminate” noises yourself to the dismay and confusion of everyone at the local eatery.

(That’s not just me who does that, right?)

And there’s more Daleks in news from the Official Doctor Who website at the BBC – Genesis of the Daleks‘ DVD release is imminent as described earlier in the week (and as well as a nice offer at Amazon, you can get it for just £13.99 delivered!) and the BBC site reviews it, as well as provides the traditional space for reader feedback.

This is the one we’ve been waiting for on DVD, and thankfully includes

…a simply brilliant commentary track featuring Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Peter Miles and director David Maloney. For several long stretches of time during the commentary, Tom Baker seems to be so engrossed in watching the action that he forgets to say anything – a testament to how wonderful this story is!

If you thought last year was expensive to be a Doctor Who fan, beware – Jon Pertwee classic Inferno is also scheduled for release this year.

Finally, UKTV Gold have screenings of Doctor Who Series 1/Season 27 in April. One week before the shows expected return to BBC1, all 13 episodes will be broadcast, on 8 and 9 April 2006.

Just in case you missed it last year. Or in the summer. Or on BBC3. Or over Christmas. Or couldn’t find it on DVD. Or make it to America. Or…


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