June Hudson Design Catalogue

The work of costume designer June Hudson is to be exhibited at The University of Redlands’ Peppers Art Gallery.

The exhibition – “Refashioning the Doctor: A ‘Makeover’ for a Sci-fi Icon,” – runs from March 29th to April 16th 2006, before continuing in a smaller form in the University of Redlands’ Armacost Library from April 22nd – May 22nd 2006.

Although other examples of June’s work is featured (“Are You Being Served?”, “Nicholas Nickleby”) the main focus of the exhibition is of June’s Doctor Who work. And by way of illustration, you can see some stunning work above from Season 18. Thanks to Mariko Chang for the above information and artwork.

Elsewhere it’s back to watching the build ups. The US Sci Fi Channel Premiere build up trundles along, with attention from Monsters and Critics as well as the Washington Blade. While the former counts Doctor Who at number 5 among the Top 10 reasons to watch TV in 2006 (“Eccleston combines an impish sense of mischief with a ruthless dark side that always keeps you guessing as to how he’ll react”), the latter focuses on Russell T Davies’ and John Barrowman’s involvement:

Also finally making its way to cable is the newest season of the British favorite “Doctor Who.” From gay writer Russell T. Davies (the original “Queer as Folk”) the newest season about the time-traveling doctor aired on the BBC last March. An addition to this season is bisexual character Dr. Jack Harkness [sic], played by gay heartthrob John Barrowman. The Sci-Fi channel starts the season on Friday, March 17, at 10 p.m.

Back home, The Daily Record titillates us with tales of a “will-they-won’t-they” relationship between Torchwood’s Jack Harkness and colleague Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles):

Glaswegian John said: “The show’s incredibly sexy with a ‘will they, won’t they’ vibe between Jack and Gwen.”

And the Sunday Mail – under the “Carry On…” inspired title “Doctor Ooooh!” reports that Tenth Doctor David Tennant has done a shoot for “Glamour” magazine, in which he talks about his career and of course there are mentions of his co-star Billie Piper.

David, 34, claimed former pop star Billie, ex-wife of DJ Chris Evans, has helped him cope with his new-found fame. “Billie has been dealing with it since she was about 13. It’s a bit weird but I can still travel on the Tube.”

But he laughed off rumours linking him to his pretty co-star. David said: “We get on well.”

Tell you what, I wouldn’t be denying it…


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