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I sit here alone, ladies and gentlemen, in a cold, cold house as the snowflakes pile up on the window sill. This LCD monitor is steaming up from the cup of tea I’m using as central heating while I await the rat-a-tat-tat of the plumber, who will hopefully repair the boiler here at Kasterborous Towers.

So you want some news do you? Well, there isn’t an awful lot to say today so far, but there are a couple of tidbits to feed your clamour…

Most interesting will be the news (highlighted to us by that the “vanilla” (extras-free) DVD releases of Series 2 will commence with Volume 1 released on May 1st 2006, and Volume 2 on June 6th 2006 according to these dates are the same for the UMD-format releases.

Who’s ever heard of a Dalek falling in love with a young woman? Ha, insane, you would think – but not to Chris Stone who has made a film starring Daniel the Dalek in order to attract the attention of the BBC Wales Doctor Who production team to his talents, reports The Sentinel.

“The film is a romance about a Dalek who falls in love with a young woman, but it all goes horribly wrong and she ends up seeing a Battle Droid from Star Wars.

It’s only one and a half minutes long, but we’ve already done a day’s filming and it will probably take another day.

I’m hoping to do a scene with a drunken Jedi and other science fiction characters at a club, and I’m looking to get it screened on BBC Staffordshire.”

Sounds good, and maybe RTD will take notice and do a Doctor Who story about a Dalek Who falls in love with a girl – perhaps Rose could be the girl. Oh…

Elsewhere – and again thanks to – the BBC has announced that Doctor Who is among a group of shows to be broadcast as part of a two-year agreement with SKAI, the new Greek terrestrial television channel. This channel launches on April 1st, but you’ll be glad to hear that it is 100% the truth and not an April Fools joke as stipulated by the usenet group rec.arts.drwho. There’s more on this from the BBC Press Office.

Finally, just a couple of shorts – Seventh Doctor companion Sopie Aldred is reading the 6 hour BBC Audiobook “Candyfloss” by Children’s Laureate Jacqueline Wilson; and there’s a new minisite that we’ve not mentioned so far from the Hong Kong channel HKATV.

I’m off to build a snow-Doctor, with a Sonic Screwdriver for a nose…


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