The 40 Year Doctor?

So yesterday’s report of an embargo on events revealed at the Doctor Who Press Launch were it turns out enforced until midnight last night.

There’s lots to talk about, so lets crack on at first with the news that Billie Piper is intered in a third series as the BBC News pages report:

“All parties want more of Rose Tyler as was confirmed at the press launch for Doctor Who series two. However it is too early to confirm in what shape, form and how that will be for series three.”

Meanwhile, Executive Producer Russell T Davies has declared that a female or Welsh Doctor should not be ruled out, reports The Scotsman. But just have a look at the picture of Russell T Davies and Phil Collinson on the BBC News page. Is there something they aren’t telling us? Could it be that RTD is… a GIANT?!?

It seems that Billie Piper is extremely happy with her work, with quoting the companion actress as declaring:

“I have had a ball … I might still be here in 40 years.”

However Scots paper The Daily Record attributes this comment to David Tennant, so who knows?

Meanwhile David Tennant is confirmed by a BBC Spokesman to the Press Association as being:

“committed to Dr Who through 2007” for the third series.

Kissing is a big factor of today’s coverage of the Press Launch in both the printed and online reports – The Daily Telegraph, for instance has a picture of what is suggested in the BBC News report to be an “influenced” Rose Tyler kissing the Doctor…

You might want to left clig and drag your mouse across this next bit – it’s a bit sensitive regarding the plot of Episode 1, New Earth, and comes from

The episode sees the Time Lord and Rose share a kiss, but the scene has a twist as Rose’s body has been taken over by Lady Cassandra, a survivor of the human race who featured in the previous series.

There’s lots to read in the icwales article, however, including tales of Peter Kay ruining takes during filming of the episode Love and Monsters and the cast’s satisfaction with the scripts.

The Independent, meanwhile notes that in the second series,

…the Doctor and his assistant Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, encounter the Devil, a squid-like monster and winged Gremlins. Old Doctor Who favourites such as the Cybermen and the robot dog K9 also make a comeback.

Another version of the Devil? Time will tell…

Popular celebrity stalker bible HELLO! magazine meanwhile quotes Maureen lipman whi appears in the new series:

The comedienne was thrilled with her role. “I had to respond to commands such as: ‘OK Maureen, now could you give us 15 seconds of having every last drop of energy sucked out of you?’,” she enthused. “It was great! This will earn me my entire year’s worth of street cred!”

Other papers carrying reports of the Press Launch include The Sun; The Daily Record.


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