Torchwood News & Round Up

Yes, it still appears to be “real” enough… despite the conspiracy theories Torchwood is apparently due to start shooting.

According to the Sci Fi Wire (the news section of Sci Fi Channel website), Russell T Davies has claimed that Torchwood is due to air on October.

“We start filming in May, and we should be on…in October,” Davies said in an interview. “So we’ll have two shows running simultaneously, which will be fun.”

This information has also been reported at the Torchwood.TV blog, a most useful place for Torchwood-related gubbins… they’ve also talked about the start date for a certain show called Doctor Who and quote a “BBC source”:

The series is set for an April 15th launch, although the document makes clear that this date can change at any point between now and March 25th. Russell, David, Billie and Noel are all making press interviews leading up to this date…

…which apparently frees up Mr RTD’s time so move onto Torchwood on April 23rd.

Busy fella!

Elsewhere, Digital Spy have reported on the BBC announcement to give the next series of Doctor Who “a speedy transfer to DVD”. Bit of a non-story, frankly, reported here just last week and of course across all of the other DW sites on the WWW.

US reaction to the two episodes broadcast last week continues, with both and running Charles McGrath’s New York Times review: “The good Doctor Who has been regenerated in an affectionate and ironic update”. It’s affectionate, but ultimately unforgettable and really you would expect more from a reviewer in such a renowned organ.

Things aren’t all bad though, as features Rob Thomas handling the reviewers role perfectly – of Rose he observes:

And it’s really quite a hoot, faithful to the goofy charm of the original series while doing the serious upgrading and improving that was so desperately needed. Right from the opening credits, which use the spacey original theme music and show the Doctor’s TARDIS, which looks like a 1950s emergency phone booth, winging through space and time, you know you’re in good hands.

I can see it now… the music, the TARDIS, the first episode of the new series… no! It’s gone. Guess I’ll have to wait.

I wonder how the Torchwood opening titles will rate beside Doctor Who’s…?


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