US Build Up Continues…

The Americans sleep – quick put up some preview news that got squeezed out yesterday! Expect some reaction pieces to Doctor Who’s Sci-Fi Channel debut yesterday to appear later on; below are a few more of the largely positive preview pieces that appeared in US publications, both online and in print.

We should start with the main players in all this, the Sci-Fi Channel. Their news section Sci Fi Wire features the words of Mr RTD, and is possibly from the shows publicity junket that the shows’ executives made. If you want to see what Russell has to say on the return of Doctor Who 12 months on, click that link above…

LA Daily News critic David Kronke gives the first two episodes of the series 4 stars (presumably out of 5) and concludes:

Blowing up the planet in episode two? How do you top that? But here’s betting you’ll be dying to find out: You needn’t know anything of past series to become quickly addicted to this series’ seemingly endless quirky charms.

Charlie McCollum of Belleville News-Democrat is of the opinion that:

If you’re looking for allegorical, intriguing science fiction, this isn’t it. If you’re OK with rapid-fire, light-hearted dialogue with an occasional dig at politics and culture, this “Doctor Who” is your cup of tea.

And he probably isn’t far away from the truth. But at least he appears to “get it”, which is more than some posters with claims of intelligence in the Digital Spy forums…

The Hollywood Reporter meanwhile almost dismisses the show, claiming it is:

A clever but never entirely intelligent revamp of the escapades of the sci-fi time traveling doctor. judges that:

The strength of “Doctor Who” has always been its limitless formula. Unlike most programs, “Doctor Who” stories can be set anywhere in the past, present or future, on any planet. Plots can range from action-adventures to humorous romps to dead-serious character pieces — but the best offerings (especially in the new series) mix moments of all three.

(Apparently this is a syndicated item, and can also be read at Burlington Free Press)

Which I think is a sentiment that we can all agree with – and don’t worry, I am going somewhere with this news item…

…and it is this: Doctor Whio has received a plethora of positive press based on preview tapes which appear to be of Rose and The End of the World. It’s fair to say now that once Dalek had aired things in general became a little darker in the 2005 series, so it will be interesting to see how Press opinion fans out on this – just as it will be interesting to see what the reaction will be in the US publications over the weekend.


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