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A few more instances of the premiere night episodes of Doctor Who being reviewed and previewed in the USA have filtered through over the weekend…

We’ll start with IFMagazine, which helpfully provides a list of the previous Doctor’s, and is notable for highlighting this particular statement of Christopher Eccleston’s…

If we rehearsed a scene, often we’d have to find out where he was going to go, which wall he was going to bounce off, and then everybody else would feed off that energy, either undercutting it or topping it. That’s why it’s such a tiring role, because of that constant balls-of-your-feet acting.

Elsewhere, “Geeks In Love” tells the tale of an ordinary girl who meets a big nosed guy in a bue box who saves worlds…’s article by Troy Patterson makes a notable research error, declaring that Rose monsters the Autons are somehow related to

the Kim Cattrall vehicle Mannequin (1987), and Norman Mailer’s patented rants against plastic,

while going on to claim that while things are equal between Rose and the Doctor,

the show tells its fan-boy audience, there’s a plump-cheeked gal out there for you. The two of you can talk about the end of time until the end of time. This is geek love.

I haven’t the faintest idea what he’s talking about….

In case you were wondering just how much Who will be on Sci Fi, MediaGab have helpfully repeated some details of the original announcement.

Of all of the articles related here in this report, the best of the bunch is probably from the Los Angeles Times. It features quotes from Russell T Davies and Outpost Gallifrey’s Shaun Lyon, and below RTD displays his intimate knowledge of Doctor Who:

“It was shameless about its shortcomings,” says Russell T. Davies, executive producer and head writer of the new series. “They did intergalactic wars and invasions of the Earth with $2. Somewhere, by accident, they captured something very true about the world, that the future is very clumsy and nailed together. There is something beautifully normal about the ‘Doctor Who’ universe.”

Alternatively, if you don’t read that, you could read about yet another British Invasion of the USA in the Daily Free Press. They seem happy with the show, and confident that it will sell well on DVD despite it’s Sci Fi Channel home. They also note, intelligently, that:

More than other sci-fi shows of its kind, the new Doctor Who provides a cutting social commentary on everything from plastic surgery to sexuality, politics to media sensationalism.

Maybe America will “get” Doctor Who, after all?


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