11th Doctor to be Female?

Well, we had to come to it eventually. In a matter of words and with a level of conviction that would make John Nathan-Turner blush, Russell T Davies has declared that he would cats a woman as the Doctor.

It’s like the holy grail of Doctor Who, this subject. Or a more apt description might be that turning the Doctor into a woman is tantamount to proving the existence of alien life on Earth, living among us right now.

So has RTD taken the first steps? Or is it just headline-grabbing? The Times tells us:

Russell T. Davies, writer of the successful BBC series, which returns to television screens on April 15, says there is every chance that Doctor Who could one day regenerate as a woman. Asked about the possibility of a female Doctor materialising for a future series, Davies said: “I’d do it, I wouldn’t blink.”

RTD cites Sigourney Weaver as his first choice to play the Doctor. Martin Hoscik, the man behind the unitnews.co.uk website, has his own suggestions which The Times relays as well as his balanced view of the subject:

“I’m sure some fans would have strong reactions against such a move,” he said, “but we have a lot of very talented actresses in the UK such as Keely Hawes, Jenny Seagrove and Amanda Burton, who I think could bring a lot to the role. The only thing that matters is that the show has a strong and talented lead and when you look at the inspired choices Russell and Phil Collinson [series producer] have already made with the casting of their Doctors, I’d be interested to see what they could do with a female Doctor.”

The Times also features Caitlin Moran’s list of possible female Doctors – but with Rusty Lee and Joan Rivers being flagged by the once-promising journalist, I’ll leave this matter with my own suggestion:

Liz Hurley. Yes, that one.

And to end this news avalanche (woo-hoo, we survived!), Evening Times Online has a lovely screen shot from New Earth. It won’t give anything away to look at it (other than the astonishing amount of work that has gone into it) so why not take a look?


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