David & Billie Interviewed!

Tenth Doctor actor David Tennant and Rose Tyler actress Billie Piper were by a room full of journalists at Cardiff Millennium Centre on Tuesday evening as part of the Press Launch for the new series, and SFX magazine’s website has a transcription of what was said…

As always, we’ll give you our favourite bits and let you read it yourselves as there is a lot to get through. But most notable are the following, in “teaser” format.

David Tennant:

Her flatulence is a big problem

…Just the other day someone sent me a Tom Baker scarf. Full-length, knitted to perfection

I dream of ladies’ knickers in the post.

It’s when I tell Harriet Jones to go and stuff herself. That was the first scene we ever shot.

I think it’s like all these relationships, like Mulder and Scully and Moonlighting, you know. Moonlighting jumped the shark when they got together, didn’t it? I think you have to be very careful. Which doesn’t mean to say that we don’t see the relationship developing and becoming something that it maybe hasn’t before. But I think you have to be very careful with those things.

Billie Piper:

Chris and David are very different. Both equally as nice and a lot of fun.

I think I am different as Rose when I’m playing opposite David. It’s a different kind of energy.

I think I’m quite ballsy like Rose. I like a bit of a gamble and that’s something that I tapped into when I read the script and that’s what made me want to go to the audition. I like people like that…

But what we’re particularly happy with is the moment when David Tennant was quizzed on his fannishness. Billie Piper challenged the questioner:

Ask him anything. Go on! I love this game [laughs]. You’re so good at it.

So when the challenge was put to David Tennant to name “GALLIFREY’S CONSTELLATION”, he sheepishly replied:


And regular visitors to the site may like to know that following publication on SFX’s website of this utterance, Kasterborous has received hits well beyond our normal level direct from Google… So it’s only fair to add that SFX have an exclusive interview with David Tennant in issue 143 and SFX Collection 24: Doctor Who 2006 is on sale from Wednesday April 5th.

Elsewhere, BBC Wiltshire were invited to the BBC Press Launch simply for the reason that Billie Piper is from Swindon! They tell us of New Earth (right-click and drag spoiler moment…):‘New Earth’ is a typically frothy, lightning-paced tale from the pen of series head writer Russell T Davies. Set in the far, far future on a utopia-like, new planet, it sees David Tennant’s recently-regenerated, hip and witty Time Lord summoned to a futuristic hospital run by cat-like nuns.

There he stumbles upon a frightening cover-up and crosses wits with his evil nemesis – the last (barely) living human, Cassandra, played once again by Zoe Wanamaker.

Along the way, the Doctor and Rose are terrorized by hideous plague victims and meet up once more with the enigmatic Face of Boe who tantalizes The Doctor with a secret. And bodies are swapped, and swapped again before the bittersweet finale.

You can also listen to the thoughts of Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith) and 2006 series writers Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Matthew Graham (who creeated “Life On Mars” – a new series of which starts filming later this month) via a selection of links on the page, and more from the Q&A session.

And if listening’s your thing, you might well be a fan of Podcasts. The Guardian Podcast Blog for Friday March 31 2006 features chats with David

Tennant, Billie Piper and Russell T Davies.


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