Doctor Who Adventures #3

We’ve recieved information from BBC Magazines about issue 3 of the super Doctor Who Adventures…

Doctor Who New Adventures MagazineI’ve been really impressed by DWA – superbly blending the same fun elements of the show in much the same way that Doctor Who Weekly did back in 1979, but with a firmly 21st Century design. It’s great stuff!

Doctor Who Adventures goes on sale on 3 May – and it’s another big adventure for readers! Find out everything you need to know about K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith. There’s an explosive comic strip set on a volcanic island. We preview The Girl in the Fireplace and Rise of the Cybermen, and take a look at the spooky Tooth and Claw. We interview the man behind the Dalek voices, Nicholas Briggs. Tales from the TARDIS is all about our favourite Jackie moments. Discover more about the TARDIS in a cut-out-and-keep Doctor’s Data section… and if that’s not enough, you can even build your own model K-9!

Do you find Doctor Who unnecessarily scary? Camille Coduri has been asked about this very matter. Speaking to The Sun, the Jackie Tyler actress said:

“This series is certainly scarier and darker than the first one and I know there have been concerns. But I don’t think they should have a warning beforehand or anything like that.”

“It’s fine to scare kids a little – it’s a tradition to hide behind the sofa watching it. It’s up to parents to decide whether to let their kids watch as it is a PG show really.”

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The BBC News website has some of the artwork submitted by actors and musicians for the auction in aid of the Northern Ireland charity Wave, of which James Nesbitt is patron. Among these are images by Billie Piper, alternative 9th/10th Doctor Richard E. Grant and if you’re interested Billie’s estranged husband Chris Evans. Billie’s is nice, while REG settles for a self-portrait.

Entertainment Wise relays news from The Daily Star concerning information divulged by the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site.

“Fans were turning up on set in Cardiff and we couldn’t work out how they knew where we were. Eventually one person was quizzed about how he discovered our whereabouts and we were stunned when they told us it was our own website.

People were posting sighting so Billie (Piper) and David (Tennant), giving details of their locations within minutes.”

Are you a stalker? Do you rummage celebrity bins? Not enough time on your hands? DO YOU WANT TO BE BILLIE PIPER? Seek help NOW. Marriage to Chris Evans is NOT a path to a happy life for everyone.


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