Episode 3 – 7pm Broadcast?

According to our friends at eyeofhorus.org.uk, Episode 3 or the new series of Doctor Who – School Reunion – will broadcast at the perceived “traditional” time of 7pm.

It’s unclear what the reason is for this, and how long this will be the case with other scheduling of course determining exactly what time “Strictly Dance Fever” and Doctor Who take to the air.

Russell T Davies has spoken to Manchester Online about the effects of writing Doctor Who and the effect of inspiring children at school on Monday mornings to talk about the weekend’s television. Notably, he informs that:

“It’s for everyone. We’re never profane, it’s never violent, there’s no blood. If there is suffering, we’re very careful with it. We’d never, ever, have a human shoot another human, for example.

And there’s no BBC guideline that says you can’t do that. There are plenty of shows – EastEnders – you could see someone shoot someone. We have never done that and never will, while I’m working on it.”

Manchester Online is also the place to find some spoilers of New Earth and the rest of the series. While they reassure us – spoiler free – that DT is a fine Doctor…

Worried about Mr T taking over from Salford’s Christopher Eccleston? Don’t be. In the first full adventure out of his pyjamas, he moves the role on, with a cure for any Easter weekend boredom, along with a few other things.

…they never give too much away, and reassure on a couple of other things too:

There’s fun to be had everywhere in this series, with five episodes written by Manchester-based Russell T Davies. It contains some of the best TV writing, acting and production on show anywhere in the world. Clues about the future are there for the taking.

Tread carefully, fellow spoiler-phobes…

Apparently, working for 9 months solid is really not at all too much worry – it’s the slowing down afterwards that gets you. Apparently David Tennant – who appeared with his father on BBC2’s “Ready Steady Cook!” yesterday (filmed in December!) – has suffered from a stomach upset since comingto the end of filming. And yes, the Press thought they would share it with us. The Daily Record’s Doctor Whoozy – now that’s comedy – also tells us that David suspects he’s passed the bug on to poor Billie. He also talks about his excitement of the show airing:

After so much hard work, David…admitted he is glad the series is about to be broadcast.

He explained: “I’m sort of relieved that it’s finally out there because there’s been so much build-up to it and we’ve been filming for such a long time. It’s been an incredibly long time, so it’s pretty good to just finally get it out there.”

And as for Billie – well, do you really need to know that she likes to see a shapely posterior on a woman, including herself? ITV news think you do. And as they are upholders of moral and ethical standards across public life and government, who are we to argue?

Finally – The Citizen reports that Doctor Who number 6, Colin Baker, will be at the Blackpool Doctor Who Museum on Easter Monday, from 10am to 4pm. There’s also photo opportunities on Good Friday with Daleks and Cybermen, but the more World-minded of you might be more interested in the non-Who related content:

A visit to the Doctor Who exhibition is also a chance to learn more about the unknown by delving in to the collection of conspiracies put together by Mr Boyle.

He has collected a vast array of information and controversial theories on current events, history and the cosmos.

You can make up your own mind as you learn how fears over avian flu have boosted profits for chemical companies, the absence of weapons of mass destruction, replaced by words of mass deception’ in Iraq and theories on why our health and pension provision is now in crisis.

Evidently worth a visit for many reasons…


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