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Manchester Online is one of a host of online and hard copy sources that have coverage of last Tuesday evenings Doctor Who Press Launch.

While mentioning lots of what we’ve seen over the last few days (seeing as it somehow escaped the K radar until yesterday evening, despite being online since Thursday…) it also draws attention to the following snippet of dialogue – spoiler time again, so right-click and drag:

Rose later lunges at the Doctor and snogs him for a full three seconds. But there’s a twist. Her body has been taken over by Cassandra, played by Zoe Wanamaker, the last surviving human who – it turns out – did not die in the first series. “Oh, my God, I’m a chav,” exclaims the interloper.

And on the casting of Peter Kay (who appears in the episode Love & Monsterscurrently being filmed), Russell T Davies describes how it came about:

“He got my home address and sent me a hand-written letter last summer, saying he’d love to be in Doctor Who. He worked with a lot of people I know in Manchester with the Red Production Company. I thought it was a joke. It was like, ‘Yours sincerely, Peter Kay. PS Garlic Bread.’ And I thought, ‘That’s not really him?’ And it was.”

There’s also news that Russell T Davies will stay in charge for a fourth season, if commissioned – and if you didn’t already know, next month’s Doctor Who Magazine will contain up-to-date details of the script writers for Series 3…

There’s plenty of coverage of Doctor Who in the Press, of course, with The Guardian reporting:

Piper and Tennant claimed Doctor Who was part of a wider renaissance in British television drama. “There’s some great telly about at the moment. There’s some really clever and smart writers,” Piper said. “British films are so hard to get made so you get some fantastic stuff on television instead,” added Tennant. “People like Russell, Paul Abbott, Andrew Davies and Tony Marchant are writing some amazing stuff.”

only a small example, but generally spot on if the TV shows of the last 15 months are anything to go by.

ITN have also got in on the act, reporting that David Tennant and Billie Piper have signed up for a third series. Naturally, the future of David Tennant seems to be pretty much assured for Series 3 already, however Billie Piper’s own continued place in the show has been up in the air in recent months, and it’s still doubtful whether she will be uin the TARDIS for Series 4.

Finally, Dark Horizons focusses on the addition of Rose’s ex-boyfriend Mickey Smith to the TARDIS crew. Billie Piper says of the addition:

“At first I think Rose isn’t that keen on the idea as she likes to keep her life separate. She wants The Doctor to herself because she’s selfish like that. But Mickey this year really kind of comes into his own… He saves the day”. Tennant added “He does but it’s the Doctor who decides to let him on board as Rose is far from keen”.

Finally, Camille Coduri AKA Rose’s Mum Jackie, revealed she takes her first trip in the TARDIS in a forthcoming episode.

You can also find out what was on the three-minute reel of new series clips at the Dark Horizons link above…


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