New Series Trailer on BBCi

If you haven’t seen it aready – and you have a digital television receiver with a red button on your remote control – get tuned in to BBC1, press the red button and sit back and watch a 2 minute Doctor Who trailer!

Featuring closeups of the werewolf from Tooth and Claw, the Cybermen, the Krillitane from School Reunion as well as K9 and Sarah Jane Smith, as well as footage from the GIrl in the Fireplace, the trailer is on a permanent loop and it’s very easy to get carried away watching it 15 times…

Incidentally, talking about BBC1, “Totally Doctor Who” kicked off yesterday evening at 5pm. If you’ve missed it, you can catch up with the title sequence via the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site.

Billie Piper is really doing the media rounds this week – this time she shows up on, where it is revealed that the Swindon girl feels regret over leaving school to pursue a pop career, but current boyfriend Amadu Sowe has inspired her to start reading again:

“I feel so under-educated around him. I have to teach myself. I kind of wish I’d continued with my education, but that’s something I can do in the future. I’m reading more than ever. I used to find it tedious, but now it’s like my little friend – it takes my mind off things.”

Ryan Vu of thinks he knows a bit about television. He also thinks he dislikes Doctor Who. But his early vitriol:

…a mysterious time-skipping alien known only as the Doctor travels between history’s hot spots via a ’50s-style police telephone-box-cum-time machine called TARDIS (, accompanied by a group of feckless Earthly companions. Hilarity ensues. The chief difference, aside from the bigger budget (note to purists: the special effects are still ridiculous) and switch to shiny digital video, is more of a desire to connect with the culture of the present.

soon subsides into relaying the key aspects of the early episodes of the 2005 series currently broadcast on the US Sci Fi Channel, and one can only wonder how he could have forgotten 200 words later that he doesn’t like Doctor Who…

Finally in this round-up, Welwyn & Hatfield Times reports on little Hugh Orrett’s homemade Dalek that was stolen on Friday night/Saturday morning last week. Hugh’s dad Paul Orrett:

“I was a bit disappointed but Hugh was completely heartbroken. The Dalek had become part of the family. These heartless thieves need exterminating once and for all! They must have had a couple of strapping blokes and a van. It took three of us to get it around to Applecroft School for a Christmas show!”

Hugh and his dad had built the Dalek from a compost bin and household objects last summer, and Paul is offering a £20 for anyone who can trace the Dalek. If you can help, call the on Welwyn & Hatfield Times 01707 327551, and let’s hope Hugh gets his Dalek back.


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