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We missed a few bits and bobs over the last week, such as The Daily Telegraph‘s Tom Leonard’s assertion that:

Dr Who in a clinch with his assistant is the latest in a long line of ludicrous adjustments forced on our favourite characters by PC modernisers

What utter tosh. Perhaps you didn’t see the Paul McGann incarnation of Doctor Who in 1996, but his kissing predates David Tennant’s by 10 years. And Christopher Eccleston’s, last July, by 9 years. The fact is, while its good coverage for Doctor Who, does it really need analysis by some alleged arts “commentator”? The point can be made without the Doctor’s inclusion. Leonard, however, is gunning for a particular well-worn phrase of the day and even making snide claims:

You can imagine the discussion in the BBC executive meeting that led up to this latest plot twist – the expressions of bafflement that any young man sharing a phone-box with Billie Piper wouldn’t eventually try his luck, and that any modern audience could possibly believe that he wouldn’t.

isn’t going to stop him in his conviction that making something “relevant to a modern audience” isn’t worthwhile. But it’s nicely diffused, and forced to take on a different target, with DWM Editor Clayton Hickman’s observation that the Doctor and Rose are seen to kiss in New Earth:

…because one of them is possessed by an evil alien. Still, he agrees that the series “has been sexualised”. He adds: “The doctor seems to have discovered sex. But the relationship seems romantic rather than sexual. As long as it remains that way, I don’t have a problem with it.”

Elsewhere the BBC News pages have started promoting the TARDISODES, while the BBC Homepage is actively promoting Doctor Who with a permanent link to the official site. ITV have scheduled “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” opposite Doctor Who next Saturday, but frankly despite the young wizard’s popularity will need to schedule something really really good with no adverts to have any chance of beating the Doctor. Incidentally, if you bought the Telegraph yesterday, you will have noticed an interveiw with David Tennant.

And there’s another interview with the Doctor in The Herald which concludes on a thankfully light note, listing mentions of Scotland in Doctor Who’s past… but why not read it and admire David Tennant pointing out that:

“Being scared is part of growing up. That’s what Doctor Who has done since 1963 and I’m glad to see it continue. The show has had horror for as long as I can remember.”

And we’ll finish with a brief ntoe of the viewing figures for Series 1 on the US Sci Fi Channel. Outpost Gallifrey reports that overall ratings have dipped, with the March 31st screening of Aliens of London recieving 1.5m viewers. You can find more on this subject at OG.

Incidentally, if you’re reading this in the USA, it really isn’t hard to tie up your friends and relatives and force them to watch Sci Fi. Failing that, chewing gum on the channel switch always works…


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