School Reunion 7pm Confirmed

BBC Programme Information has listed School Reunion as a 7pm broadcast, and tell us that this is also confirmed by the Radio Times.

The Programme Information release tells us:

The Doctor investigates a London school which is being haunted by strange, bat-like creatures at night, as the award-winning Doctor Who continues.

While at the school, the Doctor finds his old friend, Sarah Jane Smith, already working undercover. Both have old scores they must settle, and Rose discovers the true legacy of being a Time Lord’s companion.

David Tennant plays the Doctor, Billie Piper plays Rose, Noel Clarke plays Mickey, Elisabeth Sladen plays Sarah Jane Smith, Anthony Head plays Mr Finch and John Leeson plays K9.

Syfyportal has a small piece on New Earth, which ran before the episode was broadcast. There is however an interesting insight into the actor’s methods, as David Tennant talks about acting opposite Lis Sladen:

“In a way, that was sort of easy to play as I remember her mid 70’s which was when I started watching the show, I’m 34, so that was kinda my time. So suddenly there’s Sarah Jane who I have all these affectionate memories for so you can kind of plug it into the Doctor’s psychology.”

Meanwhile David Tennant last week appeared on Radio 1’s Jo Whiley show, replete with stomach bug and hoodie top. We just thought you would like to know this as The Daily Record found it in themselves to print this as news. has a review of New Earth – a good place to find some critical balance if you disagreed with my opinions of the series debut.

Digital Spy meanwhile has a small piece of interview material where David Tennant and Billie Piper talk about the filming of series 2, where Tennant enthuses:

“There’s no other job like it really. I mean you know, I get my own Tardis! The day-to-day excitement is that the scripts are so good – they are such finely crafted stories. That is what makes nine months fly by.”

Finally, claim that Billie’s hopes for US success are being scuppered because she “just can’t be compared with good-looking Tricia Helfer” of sci-fi revamop Battlestar Galactica. According to “an American TV insider” (…):

‘Taking Doctor Who to the States was going to be the big launch pad for Billie’s Hollywood career. She was being touted as the new English rose. But the viewing figures for Doctor Who prove she’s made very little impact on American audiences.’

Of course, an actress doesn’t have to be big in America to be successful, does she Ms Collins, Ms Dench, Ms Walters…


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