School Reunion Buildup

Sarah Jane Smith is coming to get you… and me, and everyone! With her rickety metal dog K9, later on tonight we’re going to see what 30 years without a TARDIS does to a girl and her dog…

And Elisabeth Sladen has been popping up all over this week, most notably on BBC Breakfast News on Thursday. Her face also promotes School Reunion alongside Billie Piper – no sign of the Doctor! – on the BBC’s Homepage and there’s coverage of her appearance on BBC Breakfast News. From that page you can view the chat Elisabeth Sladen had, and requires RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. And she really looks no older than she did in The Five Doctors – although her dress sense has improved…

And speaking of companions, the Billie Piper leaving story refuses to go away… The Daily Star tells us – according to Entertainment Wise – that Billie has accepted a role in a new adaption of “Mansfield Park”:

A source told the Daily Star: “Billie’s the best young talent around. She’s already huge but is going to become an even bigger star. There’s big money on the table and drama chiefs reckon she’s worth every penny because she’s a proven talent and looks great.

“But money is no longer the key for Billie – it all comes down to who can give her the roles she wants.”

And a poll on the Entertainment Wise page suggests that Billie’s character Rose is as popular as ever…

Do you look like David Tennant? Have you sung in Blackpools Pleasure Beach? Did you get spotted wandering around recreations of regency Europe in a long shirt? Well, Rod McPhee has (well, not the Europe bit – or the Blackpool bit, probably) and talks about it in Leeds Today’s The End Bit. I like this bit:

It was first brought to my attention by a fan of the show, a female colleague who, almost on a daily basis, now has to constantly suppress her fawning adoration for me. It’s getting embarrassing now.

This was heightened when he appeared as the world’s most famous seducer, Casanova. Then I really started to feel I had a lot to live up to. meanwhile tells us that Mr Tennant will be starring in a one-night-only tribute to John Osbourne’s domestic drama “Look Back in Anger” as “angry young man” Jimmy Porter at the Royal Court, Sloane Sq, London on May 8th as part of the theatre’s 50th anniversary.

You may recall the story of young Hugh Orrett and his dad paul whose home-made Dalek was stolen from their garden that we reported on a few weeks ago. Well, Welwyn & Hatfield Times have been in touch with the Doctor on this matter – the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker. He denied that the Doctor was involved:

“The Doctor would try to avoid them where possible. If not possible, he’d engineer their demise rather than pass them on to someone else. It’s a brave man who would steal a Dalek. They can be unpredictable.

“It’s sad. It’s a shame you can’t stick a Dalek in your garden without someone nicking it.”

There are plenty of sightings of the model, but sadly so far these have proved inconclusive. We’re sure you all share out sentiments when we say we hope the Dalek is returned to Hugh as soon as possible.

And finally… An exhibtion in Peterborough includes certain paraphernalia from Doctor Who, reports Peterborough Today:

The special exhibition was organised to mark the screening of the new Dr Who series on BBC1.Visitors were able to have their photos taken with the Dalek, learn about the making of the programme, view memorabilia and make their own Dalek and Tardis models.

Elsewhere, Now Playing Magazine has a review of last weeks adventure Tooth and Claw which gets a grade B+, judges Billie’s contribution and concludes superbly:

As for the episode’s coda, in which Queen Victoria stares at the audience and proclaims with sledgehammer subtlety that she has a great idea for a spin-off TV series, I almost expected a graphic to flash on the screen right across her face: “Be sure to watch Torchwood when it debuts later this year!” There had to have been a less obvious way of setting this up. Oh, you hadn’t heard? Don’t worry, it’ll crop up again before the season is over.

And TVSquad reviews last weeks Sci Fi Channel broadcast of Doctor Who – The Long Game. You can add your own comments to this review.


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