The April Fools!

Apologies for the lateness of some of these items, sickness is doing the rounds here at Kasterborous Towers, with Mrs Christian confined to quarters in the East Wing. But with a news round up that features a Doctor Who evening, an April Fools gag that went too far and news that David Tennant has realised he isn’t the Doctor, where does one begin?

Well, there are photos from New Earth and a few words from David Tennant speaking to SFX magazine at This is London:

‘Actors often say that the best bit about getting a job is the phone call that says you’ve got it, because at that moment it is all potential, and it could be anything. It’s all possibilities, and as soon as you start making decisions it starts becoming reality, which is never as much fun.’

And as described above, there is a Doctor Who Night this Sunday April 9th on digital/cable channel BBC3, reports the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site! Featuring repeats of The Christmas Invasion, “The Story of Doctor Who” from 2003 and coming slap bang in the middle of a series of repeats of the 2005 series (Thursday 6th – Thursday 13th), the evening also features a brand new edition of Doctor Who Confidential. The hour long look at the 2005 series is entitled “One Year On” and is narrated by the series new narrator, writer Mark Gatiss.

Interested in lights? A report on LS&I Online focusses on the lighting for the Doctor Who Exhibition which is supplied by London-based Entec Lighting, well versed in exhibition and event lighting. You can read the article yourself at the link above, it’s all a bit industrial for me…

The Dalek section, for example, has its own Source Four PAR key-light and is also illuminated with a series of gobo effects and textured lighting from the moving lights positioned elsewhere in the room.

Say what?

And finally – ooooh my aching sides – several respected online journals have been duped by an entirely transparent April Fool’s gag this week, even going so far as to report it days after the event. Concerning an alleged future appearance by Bill Gates in the show the April Fool either failed to be spotted as such or aimless mindless hacks on various websites have never heard of the term “research”.

Ignoring such claims as the show being a “half-hour episode” and being broadcast on 31 November 2006 – I mean come on – several sites were taken in by the ruse, including, who later issued an apology.

We at Kasterborous meanwhile had a hearty laugh, including Anthony Dry who didn’t for one moment get taken in by the gag, oh no sir.


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