Tooth and Claw 8.9m

The return to form that was Tooth and Claw pulled in a maximum of 8.9m viewers according to the overnight figures, which don’t include repeat showings and recordings according to DWAS.

This represents a 42.3% audience share, and while there was obviously a lot of people already tuned in to watch the FA Cup semi-final clash between Liverpool and Chelsea that stayed tuned in for Doctor Who, it is unusual for any series to have higher viewing figures in the second week than the first!

Meanwhile, actor Jimmy Vee – best known for his role as the Moxx of Balhoon in The End of the World as well as several other aliens in Doctor Who – has spoken of his wish to play… the Doctor! Digital Spy reports that the 3ft 8in actor told The Daily Record:

“You never know what might happen in one episode… I’m slowly but surely moving up the ladder and getting more in to my characters. I’d love to play the Doctor at some point. Maybe I could take over from David Tennant one day.”

And there’s coverage in where the use of Cardiff Bay as the setting for Torchwood is discussed:

Cardiff Bay’s oval basin with its peculiar concrete pillars is the headquarters of a secret group dedicated to saving the world from invading aliens… in the unusual world of Welsh screenwriter Russel T Davies’ new Doctor Who spin off Torchwood.

And rightfully, RTD is unapologetic about basing the show in Cardiff:

‘With Doctor Who we often had to pretend that bits of Cardiff were London, or Utah, or the planet Zog. ‘Whereas this series is going to be honest-to-God Cardiff.

We will happily walk past the Millennium Centre and say, ‘Look, there’s the Millennium Centre. It’s nice to be able to say this is the city, and this is how good it looks.’

And if the new series of Doctor Who isn’t what you wanted and you yearn for the days of Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor, get yourself a copy of The Sun. Today the paper comes with a free vanilla (ie no extras) copy of Rose on DVD – the episode that reintroduced a TV legend. The rest of the week features single episode DVDs from stories such as Earthshock (starring Peter Davison), Robots of Death (starring Tom Baker) and others.


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