Tooth and Claw is Coming Too…

As if promoting tonight’s new series opener New Earth wasn’t enough, the BBC are giving us a plenty of Doctor Who previews with a small BBC News feature about Episode 2, Tooth and Claw

It comes complete with a nice image of the the werewolf, so even if it has been online since Monday, who are we to argue?

New Earth, meanwhile, continues to be strongly featured on the BBC’s online services, with another article – released today – promoting the new series and the TARDISODES which can be found at the Official Doctor Who site. The site’s splash page has also received a timely makeover in advance of the new series beginning tonight at 7.15, BBC1.

You can also find a few snaps from New Earth on Rubery Village

Doctor Who fans are everywhere these days, aren’t they? Julia Houston writes on about the return of the Doctor. There’s not much there, but its good to see the Doctor moving into new web territories.

Corrieblog talks briefly about Russell T Davies ambition to write Coronation Street, which is derived from an Independent interview with the writer and Executive Producer, who quite correctly states that:

“If there’s a paucity, I think it’s the fault of the writers, because the commissioners are desperate for good material… The greatest censor at work is the writer sitting at home saying, they’ll never accept that on BBC1 or ITV.”

Finally, when will we hear the end of the “Billie is leaving” rumours? Perhaps her eventual replacement will be less of a magnet for such things? No matter, reported from the Series 2 launch/New Earth screening not so long back, which featured a chat with Billie under the title “I’m Sticking with the Who”. Sadly, there’s nothing new or conclusive, so we continue to be left in suspense…

Finally, everyone’s favourite journalist Sarah Jane Smith is of course returning to Doctor Who in Episode 3, School Reunion, and last week the actress that plays her, Elisabeth Sladen, appeared at Norwich Puppet Theatre. EDP24 reported on the event, and if you think news of Billie “leaving” back in November was OTT, apparently Ms Sladen’s departure was also front page news 30 years ago! Sadly, neither Ant nor myself can quite remember that…

However, one thing is for sure and that is that almost everyone would agree with Sarah Jane’s alter ego about what makes her such as pupular character:

“Maybe she was the kind of character needed at that time. At the very beginning, I was told the character was an investigative journalist and she was independent and a woman of her own means, someone who would do things that other assistants before her wouldn’t have done.”

Also appearing at the event was 1980s Davros actor Terry Molloy, who was asked if he would be returning to the show at any point as Davros…

“You might think that, I couldn’t possibly comment,” he said with a smile.



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