Tooth and Claw

With Episode 2 Tooth and Claw due to air this Saturday at 7.15, don’t forget to get a special preview by viewing the excellent TARDISODE…

The BBC’s Official Doctor Who site also has a themed splash screen on the New Series page, as well as a link to the new TARDISODE. One hopes that a better name will be developed for the Series 3 TARDISODEs – or at least one that requires less intensive use of the shift key…

The Daily Record reports on Derek Riddell who appears in Saturday’s Doctor Who as “a Scottish nobleman who meets a grisly end”. He provides an insight into acting against a CGI creation…

“The werewolf was a guy in an all-in-one Lycra bodysuit with a pole attached to the top of his head. I just needed an eye-line, something the right height, so it looked like I was acting with a werewolf, which was all done with computer-generated imagery (CGI).

That was a challenge – I had to look scared of a student in a body stocking.”

He also goes on to talk about his recollections of Doctor Who from his childhood.

The BBC’s Official Doctor Who site is reports that Blue Peter are offering a replica Dalek to anyone who can find a missing episode of Doctor Who. More is available on this from the Blue Peter website, who say:

We want you to keep your eyes peeled for these missing episodes – ask your friends, relatives, parents – help them sort through their old belongings. You may just get lucky!

You would be able to keep whatever you find – we would just take a copy of the original. You could even earn yourself a reward – a full sized classic Dalek model!

They also helpfully list which episodes are still unaccounted for…

I was wandering around the local shopping centre on Tuesday when I encountered for the first time in real life a Tenth Doctor figure. Not bad, I thought, seems pretty realistic and doesn’t look anything like Phil Collinson. And it would seem that – according to The Daily Record – Ms Sophia Myles would agree. The girlfriend of Doctor Who star David Tennant apparently has a figurine of her lover in character, and says:

“The Pink Paper recently voted David the sexiest man in the universe. I would definitely agree. I will buy one of the Dr Who figures and carry it in my handbag.

I’m cheesed off they are not making a Madame de Pompadour doll, although I have had words with the producers.”

And this week’s Billie News – she fancies funnyman Steve Coogan, according to All Headline News, who relate an interview in GQ magazine.


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