7pm Time Slot!

That’s right – don’t miss Doctor Who tonight! The Girl in the Fireplace is set for a 7pm transmission, restoring the show to it’s now “traditional” timeslot.

And it’s been quite a 12 months for Doctor Who, with the comeback a confirmed success – so much so that British small-screen production has had a boost following its return. The BBC News site is of course promoting this Sunday’s BAFTA television awards, and of the last 12 months, Alison Graham (Radio Times TV Editor) said:

“The big thing that everyone talks about is, of course, Doctor Who and the way it has revolutionised Saturday night family viewing,” she says.

“It has been a huge success.”

And TV critic William Gallacher feels:

“It would be simplistic to say that Doctor Who has been a shot in the arm since most of the best shows were already on their way before that aired,” he says.

“But still the energy of that show feels as if it’s somehow led the way in new drama, particularly new fantasy.

“Fantasy is back in fashion and we’re going to see more of it with shows like the Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood, but drama in general has had a boost,”

A quick reminder too, that the June Hudson Exhibition “Refashioning the Doctor: A ‘Makeover’ for a Sci-fi Icon,” is still running, now in shorter form at University of Redlands’ Armacost Library, USA until May 22nd 2006. You can find more details from our original report.

Reaction to School Reunion has been largely positive, with John Anson of the Lancashire Evening Telegraph observing that

…it was the forever youthful Ms Sladen who stole the show, providing a really poignant moment as she was reunited and then said goodbye to the love of her life.

While the Voodoo Extreme column judging the episode thus:

Series 28 of Doctor Who is even better than 27 in my opinion. Christopher Eccleston was excellent at introducing the show to a new generation, but I often found his near-psychotic take on The Doctor highly fatiguing. David Tennant however is far more of a classic Doctor, and that I like; without spoiling it for our North American readers, let me just say that yesterday’s guest appearance by a couple of old characters was totally ‘awesome.’

The Daily Record has reviewed the Doctor Who Series 2 Volume vanilla DVD release, in what amounts to not much more than a space filler. i mean it can’t have been a serious article as they failed to mention that David Tennant is 35 and hails from Paisley.

Elsewhere Arnold T Blumberg’s The Empty Child review in Now Playing Magazine is full of praise for the first episode of the story for US viewers.

And the Cybermen… well the build up seems to be gearing up, repeating the “second launch” feel of last years Dalek. Rob Shearman’s episode last year is possibly one of only two that didn’t feel rushed and struggling to cope with the 45 minute timeslot, and I suspect that the fact that the Cybermen’s return is across two episodes is part of this reasoning. Despite the fact that The Girl in the Fireplace airs this evening, icwales have ignored it and instead run a feature on the Cybermen, and both The Mirror and The Sun newspapers have featured stories and interviews concerning Rise of the Cybermen – which airs next week, so look out for the trailer this evening… You can view photos – beware of spoiling it for yourselves, however – and the following information will reveal that the Cybermen are deadlier than ever… (right click and drag to read)

“The Cybermen, once certain to send young viewers scurrying behind their sofas in fear, have returned after an absence of 18 years – armed with an electrifying touch.”

And we’ll finish with news of a new recently launched website, www.anthonyainley.co.uk which acts as a tribute to the work of the superb and much-missed Anthony Ainley, who portrayed the Doctor’s Time Lord rival the Master from 1981 to the series lengthy hiatus in 1989. We’d certainly recommend visiting!


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