Billie’s Book

23 year old Billie Piper is to publish an autobiography.

The Doctor Who star, already married and in the process of a divorcr has, according to various Press sources, signed with publishers Hodder & Stoughton to publish her autobiography. We suspect it will be ghost-written, which is usually how these things are done. Look out for sensationalised excerpts in the tabloids this Autumn.

According to The Daily Mail:

“It may sound ridiculous being just 23 but I’ve a few good stories I’d like to share,” Piper said.

“I’m hoping the book will be honest, funny, insightful and, above all, life-affirming.

This is a chance for me to talk openly about other areas of my life. Things that people won’t know. Things that I’m hoping lots of people can relate to and maybe even be inspired by.”

It sounds like a good idea, but while Hodder & Stoughton editorial director Nick Davies claims that

“Billie has done more in her 23 years than most of us will do in a lifetime and she is ready to talk about it with honesty and humour. I have no doubt that we have a bestseller on our hands…”

…one has to wonder how long this “worship of celebrities” will go on for. Yes Billie has had number one singles, albums and TV shows. But she is a very talented lady and these things should be expected. Why not start hyping biographies about people who have contributed to society directly? Best of luck with the book Billie. I suspect i’ll be buying it in a box set when you’re 60 and have published your 4th…

You can also read about this in The Independent, however their reports tend to expire after a few days – you have been warned! Alternatively, BBC News are also running the item. Alternatively, Monsters&Critics have news of it too, as well as several other sites

Finally for this item, Doctor Who script editor Helen Raynor has written a 15 minute play that will be screened on BBC1 next week. Called “Cake”, it will be broadcast on Monday 8 May at 2.35pm. Helen is also among the names to be writing a story in the Series 3, incidentally…


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