Doctor Who Magazine 370

Tom Spilsbury of Doctor Who Magazine has sent us a preview of DWM 370…

The Age of Steel has arrived, as Doctor Who Magazine celebrates the Rise of the Cybermen…

Doctor Who Magazine 370“Metal. That was the most important thing for me,” says executive producer Russell T Davies. “Metal, and specifically, steel. I banned use of the word silver, and demanded we think of them as steel. Then [production designer] Edward Thomas had been having very strong thoughts about a vaguely 1930s feel ­ picking up on the lurking fascism of the story¹s world, the zeppelins, the class divide, those images of black and brown and silver, which wardrobe and make-up picked up on so beautifully. This then led to thoughts about Art Deco. It wasn¹t in the script, but once Edward had suggested it, we fed it back into the next drafts. Neill Gorton and his team loved that, so jumped on the idea. It also allowed us to give the whole thing a slightly retro feel, which I love on Doctor Who. It seems to carry the programme¹s history onto the screen…²

In this issue of the magazine, there’s a huge behind-the-scenes look at the two-part story that reintroduces the terrible Cybermen, featuring interviews with actors Roger Lloyd Pack and Andrew Hayden Smith. Director Graeme Harper and writer Tom MacRae also give their views on bringing the iconic baddies back to life.

Also this issue, Anthony Head chats about playing the demonic Mr Finch, while DWM sneaks into Deffry Vale School, on set for School Reunion. Writer Matthew Graham reveals a few secrets about his forthcoming episode, Fear Her, as well as chatting about the success of his BBC One time-travel drama Life on Mars – and his plans to bring back Blake’s 7!

Meanwhile, writer Steven Moffat gives us the lowdown on his recent episode The Girl in the Fireplace, while DWM snoops around the SS Madame de Pompadour, accompanied by David Tennant, Billie Piper, Noel Clarke… and Arthur the horse!

In the comic strip the mystery deepens for the Doctor and Rose in the second part of the all-new adventure, F.A.Q. written by Tony Lee with artwork from Mike Collins.

Plus there are tantalising previews for new episodes The Idiot’s Lantern, The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit and Love & Monsters – including a first look at the Abzorbaloff!

Also this issue – there’s a news report and exclusive photos from the BAFTAs; the latest news on spin-off series Torchwood; Russell T Davies tells the story of how Sound Men came to his rescue in Production Notes; previews of the new Inferno DVD and the latest release from Big Finish Productions; reviews of New Earth and Tooth and Claw in After Image; and the Third Doctor and Jo Grant answer readers’ questions in Matrix Data Bank. Jehosophat!

Is that still not enough for you? Well how about a free giant A1 double-sided poster featuring a Cyberman on one side, and the Doctor and Rose on the other?

DWM 370 goes on sale from Thursday 25 May 2006, priced £3.99. It’s a steel!



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