Doctor Who & Torchwood Roundup

A few things have snuck in under the radar over the last week or so…

First off the Torchwood casting news announced by the BBC’s Doctor Who website. Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori are joining the cast, Mori reprising her role as Toshiko Sato from Aliens of London. But who is Burn Gorman?

Burn Gorman, who will play Torchwood’s resident medic Owen Harper… was most recently seen in the hugely successful adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Bleak House, in which he played Guppy.

The Times featured a few observations inspired by David Tennant’s donation of a New Earth script to the annual Christian Aid booksale.

This means the script will have the Edinburgh natives digging in their pockets for loose change and will subsequently command a king’s ransom from the Elmers and Elmerettes of Wisconsin, thanks to the wonders of eBay.

It’s not strictly ethical, of course, but the good doctor specialises in playing fast and loose with the moral codes of the space-time continuum. Somewhere in the constellation of Gallifray, it’s what his two hearts would want.

It really wasn’t that good a script though…

The Flick Philosopher muses over British actors currently appearing on US TV, declaring it a “Mini British Invasion”. Naturally Hugh Laurie’s “House” get’s first dibs, but Christopher Eccleston and the Ninth Doctor get a sizeable chunk at the end of the item, the article observing that Doctor Who is “kicking ratings ass… on the Sci-Fi Channel”.

The DVD boxset Doctor Who: The Beginning gets a thorough review on Now Playing Magazine, with reviewer Tony Witt putting his finger on the magic of Doctor Who:

The “magic” I’m referring to is… the concept that’s still packing kids around the telly in the UK (and, if they’re watching the SCI FI Channel on Friday nights, in the US): a police box that can travel anywhere in time and space, and is bigger on the inside than out. Who wouldn’t want to watch something like that?

Father’s Day has aired on the Sci Fi Channel in the USA, and TV Squad review it. It’s not a particularly special review, but I thought I would mention it.

Finally The Guardian‘s Charlie Brooker reviews “Dr Screw”. Yes, that’s right, someone has made an adult movie inspired by Doctor Who.

You can do your own reading on that one, although I’m sure Torchwood’s Jack Harkness would love it…


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