Doctor Whotel

The Park Plaza hotel in Cardiff is runinng a Doctor Who break, complete with infatable Dalek, reports icwales

For £130 for 2, you’ll get bed and breakfast, the Dalek and a guidebook of locations used in the tv series:

Hotel marketing director Caroline Sims said: “The Doctor Who following is phenomenal. Everyone recognises the Tardis and now they recognise it as a part of Cardiff. We’re now seen as a sexy city to visit.”

Other shows have tours, such as “Coronation Street”, and if the package is a success the hotel will expand the package to weekends including tours and talks.

And on matters of licenced premises (tenuous, I know), David Tennant turned heads recently when he visited a public house in Paisley (he’s from Paisley, Scotland, you know. Oh and he’s 35). icrenfrewshire (rolls off the tongue, eh…?) reports that David Tennant is filming a documentary about the town.

One fan, 32-year-old Jenny Wright, said: “I didn’t realise it was him at first glance because of the new look, which by the way I liked. It was a bit of a shock when I realised I was only feet away from Dr Who himself.

“It made my day and I’ll have something to tell my friends for decades to come.

He is pretty handsome.”

And to finish with, some news from Doctor Who Online. Not content with having three Doctor Who cast members answering questions in their forum (Sixth Doctor Colin Baker, 1960 companion Victoria Waterfield actress Deborah Watling, and Mr Wagner from School Reunion Eugene Washington), they’ve got video greetings from the stars and Aliens of London actor Eric Potts.

Oh and there’s more – a superb Web Documentary of the recent Doctor Who at the Cavern event in Liverpool, featuring interviews with all of the above attendees.


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