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There’s a few hangovers of press coverage that you might be interested in reading.

First up, coverage of The Girl in the Fireplace. reviewer Daniel Woolstencroft reckons:

The Girl in the Fireplace,” Moffat’s only episode this season, is every bit as good as his last two episodes but in a totally different way. The whole episode is one lovely juxtaposition of science fiction and period drama; taking place in both eighteenth century France and several thousand years in the future. The concept is one which is so genuinely baffling that it shouldn’t work. The two time periods are so diametrically opposed that any attempt at blending them should result in an unwatchable episode. And yet this is such a compelling hour of television.

Of the same episode, Now Playing Magazine says:

The only guest star of note is Sophia Myles, but in her short screen time she completely convinces as a woman of considerable allure and intellect, exactly the kind of individual you could imagine being worthy of the Doctor’s love. While Rose is all well and good, she’s a child learning the ways of the universe. Reinette would be the closest thing to an equal for the Doctor since Romana left ages ago. That Tennant and Myles were together in real life during the production makes their scenes crackle with the requisite sexual tension. Time to dance, Doctor.

And to round up coverage of that tale, the Newsround website features an interview with Jessica Atkins who played the young Reinette. Among other things, she says of her appearance in Doctor Who:

I chatted with Noel Clarke who plays Mickey, Rose’s boyfriend, and David Tennant who plays the Doctor. Noel was really lovely. He was the first star I saw – and he was really friendly and made me feel less nervous. David was as lovely as Noel and in-between takes he’d come and chat to me and ask me lots of questions. I got to find out about people and he got to find out about me.

You may recall the story of David Tennant giving a script for New Earth away for Christian Aid’s Book Week. Well it seems that he just cannot hold on to them, as Harry Potter’s Page reports that David Tennant

“…has given away his first Doctor Who script to a charity to raise money. The script, which he and and co-star Billie Piper signed, is expected to raise about £3,000 (approximately $5,663 USD). The money is going towards Hatwalk 2006, which starts on Monday. The organization is trying to help vulnerable kids in Scotland and raise cash for education projects. The latest event will also feature hats from the people behind the head gear in the Harry Potter movies/films.”

Doctor Who has also been credited with sparking a tourism boom in Cardiff, reports

“A spokesman for the Park Plaza Hotel which recently became the first hotel to launch a special Dr Who package in Cardiff, said: “2005 was our opening year so we were helped by the tourism coming into Cardiff. We did extremely well from very early on, which did surprise us.”

Sounds like the perfect weekend can be spent in Cardiff – not something you would have heard me say 18 months ago…


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