Rise of the Absorbaloff!

As revealed by the national press and alerted to us by Doctor Who Online yesterday, the first look at the Absorbaloff has been unveiled!

Both The Sun and icliverpool.co.uk declare that the Absorbaloff – who appears in the story Love & Monsters on June 17th – is to be played by comic Peter Kay:

THIS is Doctor Who’s new foe Abzorbaloff, and he’s hiding a familiar face behind the mask.

Peter Kay has swapped the comedy stage to play the Doctor’s new enemy, who kills his victims by absorbing them into his massive body. Their faces can be seen through his translucent green flesh.

However this is at odds with the BBC Press Office release from March which specifically announces:

Peter will be swapping his trademark gags for more serious acting, when he steps into the role of the cold and powerful Victor Kennedy later this month.

So unless the Absorbaloff is also called Victor Kennedy…

More future stuff – slightly spoilerish, but you’re all expecting it anyway… According to the Newsround website, the Face of Boe will return next series, not this:

The third series will feature the final message of The Face of Boe, as promised in New Earth. Russell refuses to be drawn on where in the series it will come.

But he does promise that it’s ‘four words long and very marvellous’.

You might be surprised to know that not everyone is enjoying the current series of Doctor Who… David Lewis of Cardiff felt compelled to write to the South Wales Echo on the matter of Doctor Who’s BAFTA wins:

BBC should be ashamed of this dross – not proud!

SO now we all know how to win a Bafta!

Take figures from history, Queen Victoria for instance, and place them in an anachronistic situation. Add a selection of iconic scenes and situations from every film or television series you’ve ever seen, then top off by regurgitating classic monsters, such as Daleks and Cybermen, which saves you having to exercise your creativity and invent your own.

Finally, like Russell T Davies, you use the Radio Times and Dr Who Confidential to tell the world what a clever person you are and what a fantastic and brilliant series you have created.

How BBC Wales can take pride in this derivative and infantile dross is beyond belief.

Interestingly – while I agree with some of Mr Lewis’ points – it would appear that the viewer is a Doctor Who fan. Any fan should of course know that Doctor Who has ALWAYS been derivative, particularly in it’s mid-1970s heyday; at the end of the day, it’s an update of this era that the current show is trying to produce. Mind you, that RTD is a true “Genius” – no really, he is…

I’m sure, however, that Mr Lewis wouldn’t begrudge miniatures expert Mike Tucker his BAFTA (best Visual Effects) for work not on Doctor Who, but on drama/documentary Hiroshima, reported by the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site.


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