Rise of the Cybermen Reaction

The return of the Cybermen garnered Doctor Who an overnight audience figure of 8.6 million viewers, peaking at 9.5 million, according DWAS.

Overnights don’t factor in repeat viewings and recorded viewings, so expect official figures to be around the 10 million figure. This is the second highest of the season, behind ,Tooth and Claw. Both of these episodes have followed FA Cup football matches (well done Liverpool FC!) so could it be that Doctor Who is the new Football?

There are several reviews doing the rounds. Matthew Milam posted on Blogcritics.org that:

As an episode set out to return a baddie from the show’s past, the episode did a good job, but gets lost, I think, in the whole Pete Tyler business.

Which seems to be a general concensus… meanwhile, The Herald declares that:

Saturday’s edition, the initial leg of a two-part adventure, has been responsible for the new catchphrase which doubtless today will have been sweeping school playgrounds, offices and all places containing folk who relish a top-class scare. Aye, all over Britain, otherwise sane people will have been affecting a not-especially-sinister electromechanical tone and firmly insisting: “You will be deleted! Delete! Delete!”

icwales reports on Cyberman actor Gethin Jones – also a “Blue Peter” presenter – appearance in the Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel story:

“There’s always been a great relationship between Blue Peter and Doctor Who,” Cardiff-born Gethin said yesterday. “Quite a few presenters have been on set and recorded behind-the-scenes items.

“The Cybermen are a massive part of Doctor Who and I was pleased when I was told I was going to be a Cyberman in one of the episodes.

“It was brilliant to be a part of a show I remember from when I was a boy and being a Cyberman means I am in an exclusive club.”

Finally, the Newsround website reports from behind the scenes of the Cybermen’s return story, speaking to Cyber Controller actor Paul Casey and voice artiste/genius Nick Briggs. But it’s Paul Casey who spills the beans on the Cybermen’s ability to visit the toilet…

“There are special holes in the suit – once the special Cyberpants are taken off!”

It really is a relief to know that…


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