The Impossible Planet Preview

The series next two-parter – The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit written by Matt Jones – begins on June 3rd, and sees the TARDIS landing on an alien planet that is caught in the gravitational pull of a Black Hole!

The BBC Press Office Programme Information lists the first episode:

Doctor Who – The Impossible Planet Ep 8/13

7.00-7.45pm BBC ONE

Rose finds herself further away from home than ever before, on a desolate world in the orbit of a Black Hole, in the first episode of this two-part story. Trapped with an Earth expedition and the mysterious Ood, the time-travellers face an even greater danger as something ancient beneath the planet’s surface begins to awake. The story concludes next week.

David Tennant plays the Doctor, Billie Piper plays Rose and Will Thorp plays Toby.

But – there’s more than just that! The BBC Press Office has a nice shiny new Press Release!

“Casualty” Will Thorp co-stars as Toby, an archeologist trapped along with the rest of his team of explorers. Thorp didn’t take long to say yes to the scripts once he had read them!

“I would have said ‘yes’ to it whatever [the part] was,” says Will. “It was the fact that it was Doctor Who! I read the script and it was a fantastic part, especially as I had previously been playing a regular role of a cheeky chappy – he’s an intense, moody guy. To be sent a couple of scripts doesn’t happen that often, and certainly not for something like that. I feel really lucky to have got the role.”

It’s a brilliant setup, one which sees the Doctor and Rose trapped with Toby on the planet which is slowly breaking up and being sucked into the Black Hole, while an ancient evil beneath the planet’s surface begins to awaken…

Will Thorp was a fan of Doctor Who of old – and since filming has been appearing in a nationwide tour of “Strangers On A Train” alongside Colin Baker – and tuned in with anticipation to the series’ first new episode in 16 years (Rose) last March…

“I watched the very first episode and I thought it was great. When you bring back a series and it’s been successful, there’s a risk it can flop, but I think because it has someone like Russell T Davies, executive producer Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson behind it, what they managed to do, which is incredible, is that they captured the essence of Doctor Who. They won the Bafta recently, which was brilliant, and it will just go from strength to strength. Every episode in this series is a winner.”

The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit features the series’ first on-screen visit to an alien planet since the final episode of the old run, Survival in 1989. It also introduces a bizarre new alien race, the Ood…

Oh and just to get you more excited, DWAS‘s home page has revealed that Gabriel Woolf – Sutekh in the 1975 adventure Pyramids of Mars – appears as “Satan” in the two parter…


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