Doctor Who in the Press

Mentions of Doctor Who are frequent in the Press at the moment, with fancy dress, TV appearances and the plans of soon-to-be-ex stars of the show all taking up column inches.

But lets not rush into the Billie Piper subject – instead lets scoot 40 miles down the coast from Kasterborous Towers and visit the north Yorkshire seaside town of Scarborough, replete with 99 ice creams, donkey rides and summer seasons for Cannon and Ball.

Scarborous Today reports on the Scarborough Carnival which took place last Saturday. Although the turn-out was good, red-tape stopped the carnival from being the planned spectacle, with just 5 floats making it in the end; however everyone had a good time, including Sam Swift, Bob Stankiste and Andy Swift who are pictured as a Cyberman and two Doctors. I’ll leave it to you to work out which two Doctors…

Lancaster Today meanwhile tells us about Olly Kay of Torrisholme, Lancashire who appeared on Totally Doctor Who the edition due for broadcast this evening. You’ll love this bit:

According to his mum Jenny, Olly’s obsession with the programme started before he was even born.

“He’s been a massive fan all his life – his dad used to play the Dr Who theme tune to my tummy when I was expecting him,” she said.

“He knows everything about it, and thanks to my husband he knows all about the old Dr Who stuff too. They were very impressed with his knowledge.”

If you’re Canadian then you of course know that Doctor Who returns to your screens on October 9th at 8pm – and in the meantime the CBC Doctor Who minisite is displaying an image from New Earth.

Gearlog features gadgets and cool stuff, and what self-respecting gadget website would be complete without a look at the RC Daleks? It’s not new series Daleks (NSD) this time, however, but the classic 1960s movie versions, complete with alternating coloured hemispheres and claws instead of plungers.

So – we mentioned Billie Piper earlier, and she has claimed rumours of her hollywood ambitions are exactly that – rumours. The dwindling 3am Girls in The Mirror report that:

The Doctor Who actress insists she isn’t tempted by the glamour of Tinseltown and would prefer to star in lowkey indie films.

She said: “There are lots of great movies coming out of the US but it’s not something I’m ever really interested in.”

What, even if a big role came up? She said: “Yes, I’m happy in the UK. I absolutely love it and I’ve finally got a great group of friends.

I’ve got a lovely little flat and my work’s here.”

And Billie is mentioned in relation to stage schools in a Daily Telegraph article about the sharp rise in Child Performance Licences as well as in a This Is Money article about stars that ITV has lured as it begins its fightback against the sharp rise in quality that the BBC has output over the last 18 months.

Finally, Michael Grade talks to the Daily Telegraph about the challenges faced by the BBC as part of the levelling of the digital playing field – there could be some interesting times ahead including rumours of adverts on the BBC website – while BBC Worldwide have announced an 11% profit, helped by DVD releases of Doctor Who and “Little Britain”. You can read more on that last piece at MSN Business News.


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