Fear Her Preview

If you thought Love & Monsters was low-key, this Saturday’s Doctor Who appears to be a departure of a different kind…

Fear Her is listed in the BBC’s Press Office Programme Information section:

When the Tardis lands in 2012, the Doctor plans to show Rose the London Olympics. But on a nearby housing estate, a desperate mother is hiding her daughter’s unearthly powers. Can the Doctor defeat the danger nestling at the heart of an ordinary British household?

Written by Matthew Graham (writer of the BBC’s other tiem travel series “Life on Mars” which is currently shooting a second series), Fear Her will be broadcast at 6.45pm – 7.30pm. SFX’s online version features a preview from Ian Berriman, who observes:

The horizons of Doctor Who are infinite, but this is an adventure that revolves all around a house – and it’s not even a pretty or interesting house, just a Barrett-style new-build on an estate. The end result is a Doctor Who story that feels horribly hemmed-in. Not only is it far too talky, but much of that talk goes on in anonymous kitchens and driveways.

It’s also apparent that this story was shot back to back with Love & Monsters, while it heavily references the movie Paperhouse (1988 – and written by TV Movie writer Matthew Jacobs).

Fear Her does feature an appearance from Edna Dore, who is best known to the British viewing public as Mo Butcher in EastEnders from (1988-1992),

Berriman’s preview also points out other references:

There are good ideas here – classic Doctor Who ideas that will strongly appeal to young children, with surreal scares grounded within a child’s everyday world. The problem is, they’re ideas that some of us grown-ups will find familiar. Once more, there’s more than a hint of Sapphire and Steel about this story (indeed, the very same episode that “The Idiot’s Lantern” homaged!)

However, there should be enough in this episode to scare the younger viewers judging by the trailer and the TARDISODE, and the very familiar setting should prove key to this being a long-remembered Doctor Who…

Meanwhile, you may remember a couple of weeks ago that the Official BBC Doctor Who site were appealing for artwork from younger fans of the series to display on the website – well there are four lucky winners, whose work is used on the official site this week to promote Fear Her


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