Fear Her Reaction

Fear Her was the proud recipient of a small increase in viewing figures on Saturday, as 6.6 million viewers tuned in to watch the Doctor and Rose defeat an aggressive scribble.

That equates to a 39.7% audience share, with the show peaking towards the end with 7.6 million viewers, reports DWAS. Despite some issues across fandom with later episodes of this series, it seems that the show is still performing well.

SFX‘s Dave Bradley was not totally enamoured with the episode (3 stars out of 5), amusingly observing that:

If “The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit” was a double helping of premium taste-the-difference Who, then “Fear Her” is from the discount basics aisle.

However he seems to be as interested in the story’s one defining line as the rest of us, and certainly doesn’t dislike the tale.

Life on Mars writer Matthew Graham has penned some pleasing dialogue. People won’t be talking about the special effects in “Fear Her”, but they will definitely be discussing the Doctor’s throwaway remark to having been “a dad, once” – or his ominous final warning about not taking togetherness for granted.

So what was the Doctor talking about – a reference to the fact that he must have had a son or daughter to have been Susan’s grandfather, or something else…?

Matthew Milam of Blogcritics.org meanwhile didn’t bother watching the preceding adventure, Love & Monsters; in fact he

had given up on writing Doctor Who reviews and was very nearly going to quit the show itself. More so than last year, Series 2 has proven that the team behind the scenes has yet to gain a firm handle on the quality of the scripts they film. With Russell T. Davies behind the wheel, you can see some of his own episodes possibly don’t even go through a script reading.

In fact he’s pretty vocal in his dismissal of the current batch of episodes, noting that:

Christopher Eccelston’s time last year forced him to engage in episodes that would be more fitting for David Tennant’s Doctor, whereas David Tennant’s stories this year could have been fitting for Christopher Eccelston. “Fear Her” I believe was more destined to be in the hands of Ecceslton’s Doctor than Tennant’s

So is he right? There’s certainly some resonance there, and I dare say most of the readers of Kasterborous will recognise that we have a certain amount of sympathy with such an opinion. But Season 3 can build on the flaws of Season 2.

It has to, for Doctor Who to continue to survive…


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