Love & Monsters Reaction

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) reports that Love & Monsters attained an overnight audience figure (before adjustments for delayed and repeat viewing) of 6.2 million viewers.

This represents a 38.3% audience share, which isn’t bad bearing in mind the World Cup football on offer, the weather and the time of year. No doubt there was a boost as fans of Peter Kay tuned in to see the comedians performance…

Meanwhile CBBC Newsround‘s Lizo, like us all, had concerns before watching:

There’s not much of the Doctor and Rose in it, and the story instead focuses on a new character called Elton.

The series is really carried by the Doctor and Rose, so when I heard that they didn’t appear much, I was seriously worried.

This seems to have been the general expectation among fans, although SFX‘s Ian Berriman was possibly more worried:

When Doctor Who returned to our screens, we had a terrible fear lurking at the back of our minds that maybe it’d be a spoofy version, rather like Vic and Bob’s take on Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). Russell T Davies’s “Love & Monsters” is as close to that as we’re likely to get.

Both Lizo and Berriman were happy with the tale however, with Lizo correctly declaring that:

Writer Russell T. Davies manages to make us quickly fall in love with the group of Doctor-obsessed characters on whom the episode centres.

And there are plenty of laughs even before funnyman Peter Kay turns up as the sinister Victor Kennedy.

While SFX’s Berriman calls Love & Monsters “very funny and strangely sweet”, and better than Boom Town. Lizo is on the ball though with what the episode doesn’t cover, such as how the other members of LINDA found out about the Doctor, as well as expecting a link to Clive from Rose. Of course Lizo is bound to give the episode a high 4.5 out of 5 being a BBC employee – while BErriman is much more realistic:

“Love & Monsters” will split the audience like no previous episode of this new series. Many old-school Who fans will despise it for turning their beloved show into something self-parodic. Others will appreciate it for what it is – a silly romp, with catchphrases and one-liners you’ll want to quote in the office the next day. If every episode of new Who was like this, quite honestly, we’d be livid. But as a one-off, it’s a guilty pleasure

Me? I wasn’t worried…


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